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The Importance Of Sports In Maintaining Good Health

‘Health is wealth’, is the hymn for the 21st century too, as has been for centuries. Each of us dreams of living a long and happy life free from health ailments and illnesses of any kinds. Our health is of prime importance in the quest for a happy life. Everything else can be acquired and achieved if your health is good. Most of the people who have a dream of making it big in life achieve their dreams at the cost of their health – they take too much stress and push themselves a tad bit more than they can handle. The end result is devastating – you have earned the riches and have an excellent social status at the age of forty odd, but your health has gone for a toss! You end up spending all that you have earned on recovery to good health. But there are no guarantees when it comes to your health. May be even after spending substantial amounts on your health, you might still not be fine and in good health, because of the damage that has already been done so gradually over the years.

Why do we then tend to neglect our health so much? What are the possible things we can follow to ensure permanence of good health? As parents, how much time and energy do we invest in teaching our kids the importance of health and fitness? For you to influence your kids’ mind and teach them the importance of health and hygiene, you have to set a good example for them. If you are a parent, then it is your prime responsibility to imbibe in your kids the importance of living healthy. At home, you can start taking corrective measures for yourself and preventive measures for your kids in many ways. Start doing the small things that are important and achievable and soon you will realize that mind-sets and health conditions are improving. For instance, keeping the family especially the young ones on their toes can be a tough call, given the kind of sedentary lifestyle some kids have got accustomed to. Kids and teenagers want to only lie in front of the idiot box, watching cartoons or playing games on Play Stations respectively. There hardly seems to be any fervor for sports in kids now-a-days.

Research has shown that kids who are into a habit of exercising on a daily basis lead a much healthy life. They are prone to fewer diseases and lead a life free from coronary ailments, for instance. Exercise and sports are the best way to keep a good health. Habits that are made a practice in childhood are difficult to recoil from in the long run. Regular exercise can be inculcated as a habit since childhood, and only then can it be effectively practiced for as long as ever. At times, parents do not allow their kids to play and indulge in sports for the fear that their children might only take to sports, thus neglecting education totally.

On the contrary, almost all researches carried out by child psychologists on the psyche of children have proven that children, who are allowed to practice some sport or the other, have less chances of developing obesity in future, which is one of the major reasons for health problems in children in the United States. Research also points out that almost all kids who have indulged in sports at one point or the other in their life have a higher chance of being ambitious, and are successful in their careers as compared to those kids who have stuck to their play stations. Playing some sport since childhood inculcates a desire to win and excel in all aspects of your life, as it motivates you to be competent and successful. It develops the sportsman spirit at a very young age which stays on forever.

Health and wellness are directly proportional to the kind of lifestyle that we lead in the long run. Good health cannot be achieved in a year or two. But let us at least pledge to take corrective measures for our own betterment, so that we may live healthy for as long as we live! Diet and fitness should be given due importance in our lives, as they are the key factors that determine how long or how healthy we may live.

Some Common Mistakes to Avoid in Your Gym Next Time

If you are an amateur at the gym, you will certainly face problems which you will find baffling to deal with. These things often turn into screwing up your idea of coming to the gym further.  This makes it important for you to first get introduced to all such common problems and find effective solutions for them. Although some of these issues may seem to be minor, but they often lead to huge setbacks in terms of benefits.

Waiting for Equipment

People are bound to form bee-lines at an equipment in gym during the during peak hours. It’s sheer wastage of time to follow the league. The best available option is to head to the gym during the off-hours; either early in the morning before 7 or after 7 in the evening. Also, try and have alternative options ready in the back of your mind in case the machines are busy. This way you will stay moving rather than wasting your time waiting.

Skipping Warm-up

Believe it or not, dodging your pre-workout warm-up is a sure shot way to get injured when the workout gets tougher. It is very important to have a dedicated warm-up that involves bodyweight exercises like lunges, squats, push-ups, and jumping jacks. This helps in elevating the heart rate before you plan to attack the weights. If possible, make first set of each exercise you tend to perform lighter than the further ones as this also works as a great warm-up session.

Not Planning the Routine

Straight walking into the gym without a plan in mind is always a bad idea. Before starting anything you certainly need to have a plan for sure. Your plan of work-out should be well-thought out in advance and it must include the exercises, sets, and reps. You may even include the order in which you plan to perform the exercises. This helps in cutting down on the time wastage and rather ensures you straight get down to business.

Using Same Machines and Sets

In case you go with the same repetitive routine every day, you will soon get bored and will lose interest in gyming. To avoid this, make sure that your workout routine changes after every few weeks. This can be done by either alternating the exercises or the acute variables which include sets, reps, and most importantly the rest times. To enjoy extended benefits, stick with a particular workout routine for not more than three to four weeks before changing it up.

Know Your Blood Work to Become Successful Bodybuilder

You may be one of the elite body builders in the business but if you fail to understand your blood work levels. You will end up even in a fatal mess. It is indeed a serious test which ought to be undergone as body builders are highly prone to various heart related difficulties. You should have the guts to admit to a doctor that you take illegal substance to enhance your muscles and seek his advice in understanding your blood work levels. Let us look into the blood work values and how it might affect the bodybuilder.

Almost all body builders consume anabolic steroids. And these steroids have the capability to raise Homocysteine levels. This is a dangerous amino and normal blood tests would not give you the levels of this amino. As a body builder you need to be in constant check of the level of this amino in your blood as it has the capability to induce a wide range of heart related problems. Consumption of vitamin B helps to keep in check the levels of this amino acid.

Hemoglobin Profile
Hemoglobin profile is mandatory in any blood check and the levels would help us to identify any serious disease.

HDL/LDL and Total Cholesterol
as a bodybuilder, your weight would be enormous when compared with other people. You need to constantly monitor these HDL/LDL and cholesterol levels. Significant change in these levels can lead to a heart attack or develop a heart related problem. Remember half the Americans die of heart failure. Maintaining correct levels of these constituents in blood is vital for the body to function normally.

White Blood Cell Total
Any taxation on our immune system could be easily identified by taking a single look into the number of Leukocytes (White Blood Cells)

Whenever there is an injury or an accident leading to blood loss. Platelets present in blood would jump into action and clot the blood. A fall in number may result in like leukemia or anemia.

Red Blood Cell Count
If you use steroids and you have high red blood cell values, you are at risk for a heart attack.

Hemoglobin is the agent which carries oxygen and carbon dioxide to the body. Anabolic as well as androgenic agents would increase their number and a look in to their present number would give you an idea whether you are prone to cancer or kidney disease.

Keep one thing in mind. If you are using anabolic steroids, regularly monitor your blood as you would be prone to a variety of difficulties. Check it regularly to prevent and avoid further complications.

When One should start Yoga

Yoga is the science of life. It is not merely the science of postures nor merely the science of breathing or the science of the mind. It is that science of life, the complete life in its totality, therefore, the right moment to introduce yoga is when the life begins so that the individual is born complete, After all if we ask the farmer at which stage should they start to seek perfection in a plant to get excellent quality of crop, they will tell you that perfection has to be sought right from very first stage at the time they decide to get a good crop. From the stage of germination of seed to ripping of fruit each and every step should be taken very properly and in planned manner. This applies in human beings as well. We all (human being, animals plants) are Gods creation. But only humans have intelligence and ability to know, feel and express the feelings.

Therefore, when we want to introduce Yoga as Therapy, we should think about it from the moment two individuals decides to conceive a child. Fortunately, in Indian society our mothers, grandmothers taking full responsibility of protecting our cultural heritage. A would be mother has to carry forward so many ancient cultural moral values to her next generation. Yoga could be one of them rater then one, Yoga should be must of them, Because of Yoga only a would be mother can enjoy her pregnancy period with very calm and peaceful manner. She can give a better and healthy life to her baby.

The Three Main Categories of Water Sports Explored


Water sports have always been among man’s favorite and most challenging sports. Whether it is on the water, in the water or under the water, water sports have always fascinated the adventurer and sports lover. What is it that distinguishes these types of sports from other sports? What are their advantages? In addition, what are the different kinds of water sports? Read on as we tell you more…

Advantages of Water Sports:

Why are they so special? “The sheer fun of being in water,” says 28-year-old Natalie, a water sports lover. According to her, some of the major benefits include:

*They set the stage for excellent fitness exercises that stretch your muscles and build strength in unique ways. *Unlike other sports, you aren’t sweating as you do them, so even though you’re working hard, your body temp stays cool. *Since they are so different from other sports, competing in the water, an element we were not built for is a fantastic challenge. *Especially for those sports, which require holding one’s breath, the athlete must develop larger lungs, capable of holding more air, thus staying beneath the surface for a longer period of time. The natural benefit of larger lungs and the ability to breath in more air is a healthier body. Like water, the more oxygen we can get into our bodies, the more efficiently our bodies work.

There are a large number of sports that involve water. They can be classified into these categories: In the water, under the water, and on the water.

In the Water:

The most popular is, of course, swimming. The human race mastered this skill long ago. Swimming forms an interesting component of several other major sports or activities that include:

*The Triathlon: This is a combination of swimming, cycling, and running. *Modern Pentathlon: It includes epee fencing, pistol shooting, swimming, show-horse jumping, and cross country running. *Rescue Swimming: Swimming with a mission to rescue other swimmers. As a water sport, it helps develop a variety of key attributes. Strength, Leadership, and staying calm in high-pressure situations are necessary abilities, which are also great life skills to possess. *Snorkeling is a very popular water activity. It is the practice of swimming on the surface of the water equipped with a mask and short tube known as a snorkel.

There are several group sports that are played in water. These include:

*Water Basketball: A team, ball, basket, water. It’s very similar to basketball in water. *Water Polo: A physical team sport that requires strength for hard throwing, endurance, and extremely fast reflexes for defense. *Synchronized Swimming: A hybrid of swimming, gymnastics, and ballet. Endurance, Awareness, and Flexibility are the hallmarks of this sport. *Surf Lifesaving is a competitive sport that evolved from the training activities of lifeguards at surf beaches.

Underwater Sports:

These include various forms of diving. Among the most popular underwater sports are:

*Scuba Diving is an adventure unto itself. Each person is required to take professional lessons to learn it after which the person becomes a Certified Diver. With mask, wet suit (body suit) fins for the feet, and a Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus (SCUBA)- you’re ready to enter a world you never knew existed beneath the surface. *Free Diving: The aim of the diver is to dive in and swim down to the maximum depth without a breathing apparatus. Necessary tools are great lungs, and the ability to equalize the water pressure, which builds on the ears as one travels deeper.

Underwater group sports include:

*Underwater Rugby that is played with a ball that is naturally buoyant. Here breathing is done through a snorkel and tackling is only allowed if you have the ball or are tackling the one holding it. *Underwater Hockey is played under water with short wooden curved sticks and a heavy puck. In this game, players wear diving masks, snorkels, and fins and must surface to breathe while teammates continue the game on the pool bottom.

Water sports that take place ON the surface are a special breed. They’re usually extremely fast-past, requiring the participant to be fully aware at all times, and can be some of the more dangerous sports.

Surface Sports Include:

*Boating: Races are held every year in different parts of the world. Like car racing, the boats are sometimes made from extremely light, fragile material and the danger level rises with the speeds. *Canoe polo: Playing polo using a canoe *Body boarding: This sport is similar to surfing. However, the board is smaller and the person lies on the board. *Surface Skimming: These types of sports include traditional surfing, water skiing, kneeboarding, and wake boarding. They require great footwork, and excellent balance.

There are excellent water sports associations that offer training, organized expeditions, and adventure sports in thrilling destinations all over the world. The Internet, as always, has the most up-to-date information on how you can get involved. Keep checking regularly, and in the meantime pick your favorite sport and dive in!


There are a large number of sports that involve water. They can be classified into these categories: In the water, under the water, and on the water.

The Benefits of Massage Therapy for Athletes

For years, professional and amateur athletes alike have sworn by the benefits of sports massage, with coaches and professional sports organizations going as far as keeping massage therapists on the payroll full time. Recently, more in-depth studies on the matter have been conducted that prove that the benefits of massage therapy in the sports and athletic world go beyond the professional level. In fact, anyone who regularly participates in a sports or exercise program can benefit from therapeutic massage.

Before booking your first sports massage in the Minneapolis, MN area, it helps to have a grasp of the ways massage therapy improves performance, prevents further injury, reduces, and shortens recovery times. Sports massage works in two ways simultaneously: at a reflex level where the stimulation of massage causes the nerves within your body to respond to stimulation, and at the mechanical level, which creates a response to pressure stimuli.

Approaches to Sports Massage

Unlike many of the gentler, more relaxing, massages you’ll often be treated to at spas and couple’s retreats, massages geared towards athletes, including sports massages, deep tissue massages, and Swedish massages, will often consist of a faster, more vigorous, deeper approach. They may be tailored to be used as part of a pre or post workout stretch routine, and can often get deep into the muscles, leaving them slightly sore, as exercising does. It’s not always immediately relaxing, but for serious athletes, the benefits are well worth the momentary discomfort, especially as it will reduce overall soreness over time and increase flexibility and reduce injury.

Effects on the Body

Sports massage will have several physiological effects–some of which you may not notice at first. For example, massage therapy will dilate the blood vessels, allowing your cardiovascular system to operate more efficiently and promoting healthier blood circulation. As fresh oxygen is pumped to your heart and muscles, your heart rate lowers and your muscles are able to operate with less fatigue.

Those relaxed muscles can then recover from injury faster, as that increased blood circulation relieves muscle tension, promotes flexibility, and increases range of motion. All of this leads to better, more attuned athletic performance.

How To Get That GQ Model Look Instead Of the Body Builder Look

Guys, when it comes to your body, what would you like it to look like in turns of physical build?  Do you want the bulky muscular “Arnold” look or the lean muscular “GQ” look?

There is no right or wrong answer as it’s all personal preference.  BUT, you really need to understand how to achieve both if you want to achieve either.

What we’ll outline in the articles are the basics for the GQ look.

Watch: Get The Olsen Look

To understand the “look” I’m referring to, open up a GQ magazine or picture the Calvin Klein type of male model.  they have more muscle mass than the average person but they have a lot less body fat in terms of percentage.  Also notice, their muscles look like they are constantly flexed, right?  (the proper term for this is muscle density)

If you are a gym goer, you’ve probably noticed that most people who constantly go to the gym don’t have this “muscle density” look, right?  So, why do these models have this constant look?  I say they have this constant look because most of those types of models have to be ready for a photo shoot at any given moment.

Maybe it’s genetics.  Maybe it’s their trainer.  Maybe it’s their diet.  Maybe it’s none of these things.

Do you know you can achieve this look as well, regardless of how you look now.  to achieve any look, you just need to have the proper muscle building program to get you to the physique you’re looking for.  Here are some tips on how to do it.

Eating Habits

First of all, eating.  Now, before you take things what out of whack, learn to eat smart.  If someone says eat 6 times a day, they do NOT mean 6 big meals a day.  A snack, such as an apple, could be consided 1 of the six times a day, get it?

So think about it, if you want your body to be leaner, then you must eat leaner.  Fasting every so often is good, but fasting too often is bad.  You need fuel for your body, but the kind of fuel you put in determines how you may end up.  Starving yourself is counter productive, so make sure you do eat while getting that leaned out look, ok?

Yes, the six pack abs.  You’ve read about them before and you will read about them again and again.  They key to a nice lean look is the six pack abs.   Doing crunches and sit ups may not get the results you’re looking for.  Planks and hanging leg raises is an exercise you should focus on.  These strengthen the ab muscles without getting the bulk muscle look.  then, when you eat right and lower you body fat percentage, the strong muscles will show through.

Lower Body

If you want the leaner look, then you may want to consider NOT doing squats and dead lifts.  Oh sure, some say those are great for toning your rear end, but the also create the bulky leg look, so you may want to shy away from them.  An alternative may be intense cardio of some sort.  You may even consider an HIIT cardio workout or a Fartlek type of cardio workout 3 times a week.  You’ll achieve proper tone without the bulkiness in the lower body.

Upper Body

A trick some of the leaner body folks do is to skip the traditional bench press altogether.  Start doing chest workouts that most body builders avoid, like incline bench.  Your chest will get a different look that is more in line with the model guys then the bodybuilder guys, which is what you’re shooting for to begin with, right?

But, there is also your arms and shoulders.  Make sure you work them out, but don’t over do it.  Working out to fatigue isn’t always beneficial for the lean muscle look.

Understand what and how to work out and you’ll be well one your way to that lean look.  Couple that thought process with the other tips I outline will give you a nice foundation to get where you need to go.

Most Destructive Guns N’ Roses Moments

With speculation at an all-time high for a classic Guns N’ Roses reunion, we decided to look back at the Most Destructive Guns n Roses Memorable Moments .


Motley Crue may have The Dirt, but Guns N’ Roses could be even more infamous for destruction. The gargantuan level of chaos which surrounded the classic GN’R members has become modern folklore, with near-death experiences, drug abuse and hatred between bandmates permeating the music itself.

Slash was only minutes away from missing his fate as a modern guitar icon. If it wasn’t for a hotel receptionist calling Guns’ management one night, Slash may have never been resuscitated after literally dying from an overdose. Drummer Steven Adler nearly faced death, as well, suffering from a cocaine-induced stroke at the height of his addiction.

Summer 1985: Guns N’ Roses Turn a Los Angeles Alley into a Den of Sin

“We sold drugs. We sold girls. If one of the guys was fucking a girl in our sleeping loft, we’d ransack the girl’s purse while he was doing her,” Izzy Stradlin said in the book Watch You Bleed: The Saga of Guns N’ Roses. “We managed.” Los Angeles city officials designated the name “Lot Number 619” to the alley behind where the band lived — a place that developed a reputation for heroin, porn, bogus drugs and whoring beyond the band’s raucous parties.

February 28th, 1986: G N’ R Get Blasted Before Trying to Get Signed

According to author Stephen Davis, to prep for the Troubadour performance aimed at impressing Geffen Records, all of the band members except Axl got drunk, did heroin, snorted coke or all of the above. Geffen rep Tom Zutaut was apparently hooked regardless. The band signed a month later, and Slash blew most of his advance on more drugs.


March 26th, 1986: Axl Sabotages His Own Record Contract Signing

One of Axl Rose’s many tantrums came on signing day with Geffen Records. He had misplaced his contact lenses and stormed out of his home, believing someone wanted him to be unable to read the contract. Slash and manager Vicky Hamilton found the contacts (either on the floor or in a pair of pants), then found Axl down the street, sitting cross-legged meditatively atop Whisky a Go Go. The label had waited and continued on with the deal some two or four hours after the scheduled time. “‘Nobody was angry. It was kind of the status quo — every day it was something like that,” Hamilton told the Daily Mail.

Everyone learnt something at Reading Festival in 2010 – no-one pulls the plug on Axl Rose. After Guns N’Roses arrived on stage 60 minutes late organisers cut the sound at midnight, before the band had finished their set. And of course, like any self-respecting rockers, Axl and co just refused to leave. The best bit is 1 minute 44 seconds when Axl has a little wander to say hi to the crowd and a burly security guard freaks out a bit.

The Martial Art Guides for Bodybuilder

If you are a bodybuilder, have you ever thought about combining bodybuilding and martial art? You should seriously think about it. Martial arts, like Judo, Karate, Tae Kwon Do and Aikido, take a lot of strength, power and endurance, just like bodybuilding.  Doing both can give you a very intense and unique exercise routine. It’s not just about lifting weights, after all. If you combine bodybuilding and martial art, you can really build up your muscles much faster and better. Of course, you’ll also get the added benefit of learning a self-defense method, too.

Martial art consists of “applied bodybuilding”. That hardly has bear in mind that you can’t help but combine bodybuilding with martial art, if you’re a martial artist. That’s because martial art is a concerning sport, thus you will mechanically build up muscle through performing it.

Another great thing about martial art is that it’s a very interesting form of exercise. Instead of just lifting weights every day, you’ll be learning to kick, punch, defend, and attack and more. You’ll never be bored.

Likewise, since martial art involves numerous aerobic exercises, they are complete compliment on weight training, which bodies forth an-aerobic. Subsequently, martial art involves punching, kicking, jumping and many more. In that respect, they are in addition to numerous mental benefits to martial art.

There are more untold benefits regarding the martial art. For example, you’ll be able to burn your body fat, strengthen your joints and experience energizes your life. You will be able to improve health as well. I’m sure you will feel more energized.

Martial arts techniques are also great for women. Aside from just the obvious, self defense, they are a great way for women to build up a little strength and self-confidence. Toss in a little weight training and it’s a winning combination.

Truthful, just about people think of martial art equally nothing more than fighting, merely that’s exactly not true. As a matter of fact, a beneficial martial art expert learns to command their temper and apply martial art for defense only.

Since you are able to assure, martial art is an avid form of physical and mental exercise. Compound it with weight training and you will be able to genuinely improve your wellness. You accept nothing at altogether to lose aside trying them and they can genuinely be fun, in addition to because utile. So, discover the decently combination of bodybuilding and martial artistic creation for you and keep an eye on your body steady amend.

Style Swimming Classes for Kids – Reasons for It

Your decision can make a significant difference in the rest of their lives. The earlier they enroll in a swimming class the better.

Body Fitness

Swimming Instructors Singapore are all aware of the shocking news about childhood diabetes and obesity problems on the rise. Unhealthy diet is partly to blame but lack of physical exercise is really at the top. Swimming lessons for children will introduce them to a new amusing activity that not only teaches them a life skill but also to enjoy themselves safely while in the water. Once they learn the basics, many children discover they really like water sports. What is the best way to help your kids stay physical fit than to introduce them to an exercise that is cheap and fun?

Life Skill

Swimming is an important life skill that every person should have. Even if you do have a swimming pool, there will be a time when your kid will be at close proximity to a large body of water such a lake or a river. Even if they don’t decisively seek out water recreation activities, there will be a moment when they will be in or near a water body. Knowing how to swim properly can save their lives.

Competitive Edge

Swimming Classes Singapore for children can also teach them skills they can use out of water as well. It takes enough practice and total determination to learn even the basic skills. Instructors and coaches work with children until they can swim on their own. This instills in them the value of endurance as they master something that might seem difficult at first.

As kids progress through different levels of swimming classes with best Swimming Coaches, they learn new techniques. Children who see the results of their hard work are more likely to apply them at new endeavors. If they decide to join a swimming class for kids, they will learn the basics of teamwork and putting the interest of the group before their own.

What May You Understand in Swimming Courses?

For newbie’s, training just focuses on the basic principles: Just how to move, how to breathe and change your mind precisely in the water, the correct option to stop strokes. When these abilities have already been mastered, swimming classes give attention to increasing the number of the swimmer actions efficiently in the water.

We are also committed to providing safe swimming lessons to students. This way they can learn about swimming survival skills.

Things To Avoid While Joining A Gym

We have so many unhealthy habits these days that getting into a good gym has become a necessity. Junk food, bad posture and zero physical activity have made us prone to getting unfit. Working out regularly at home or a gym keeps your fitness intact. But if you are not utterly disciplined working out at home won’t be that effective because you might skip a day, work out lightly on another and maybe just quit for weeks.

When you join a Delhi gym, you have a trainer looming over your head to make sure you are not giving in to laziness. Some gym trainers even help you through your diet and lead you into eating healthy and staying healthy. Although with the recent surge in the craze for gyms, gyms have become a marketing trend. So before you join a new gym, take note of the following factors to avoid so as to not waste your money on something wasteful.


A gym is not just a place to work out anymore. They have all kinds of features now for example a sauna bath. Now you might or might not want to take on those extras but the gym people will definitely try to sell them to you. Most of them are trained sales professional and will trick you into taking any kind of extra packaging, which you might not even use any time.

Long term agreements

It’s look lucrative at first when the gym people tell you the figure of the amount of money you will save if you take a 2-3 year plan instead of a monthly feature. But life keeps moving on and if you are not sure about your future plans don’t fall for that trap. You might pay a hefty amount and then stop going to the gym after your mood changes. There’s also a chance that you might have to leave the city itself, but for that franchised gyms have options to continue your contract in a different city.


Some gyms even have workout clothes to sell and they will tell you all kinds of benefits to buy from them. Although, you can’t really be sure of the quality of the clothes and therefore shouldn’t spend too much when you can just buy fitness clothing while shopping in Delhi. A gym’s main purpose is to keep your body fit, don’t let them extend beyond that.

Diet for Sports Men



Diet is one of the important and basic biological needs of man. Diet is the foundation for good health. It is essential for life, growth and repair of human body, regulation of body mechanism and production of energy for work. The above functions of diet can be achieved only through adequate nutrition which should consist of essential nutrients in the required proportion. These nutrients include
i) Proteins ii) Carbohydrates iii) Fats iv) Minerals v) Vitamins.

During sports training, the energy requirement of the players will be high as such the diet should be accordingly planned otherwise the players will not have the stamina to withstand the training and the player will show the signs of fatigue which may result in internal and external injuries to the players.


Nutrition is important aspect for all, especially for sports men. They need balanced food to maintain their stamina. Good food habit provides them energy to perform their activities in a better way.

Sports man should organize his diet. He should take palatable, acceptable, good quality food to maintain his health.


The energy requirement of an athlete depends on the following factors. The right sports diet should have adequate provision for the following.

1. Quantity : Calories according to sports.
2. Quality : Carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals
and fluids
3. Variety : Different types of food
4. Palatability : Proper cooking
5. Acceptability : To suit different customs, habits and tastes.

Approximate percentage of calories which may be derived from different components of nutrients.

Carbohydrates Protein Fat

1) Light sports 60% 15% 25%
2)Moderate sports 60% 14% 26%
3)Heavy sports 60% 13% 27%
4) Endurance sports 60% 12% 28%


The energy requirement of the players is dependent on body size and
composition, age, physical activity, climate and environment.

1.Age :- The energy requirement of adolescent and adults are greater
than that of children and old people. Most of the active
sportsmen belong to growing age group of adolescents and

2.Sex :- All other factors remaining constant. The energy
requirement of women is relatively less than that of men.

3. Body weight :- Energy requirement is directly proportional to the
body weight . It increases or decreases according to the type of
activity and muscles involved during exercise period.

4. Climate and Environment :- In hot and humid environment, energy
requirement is less. Higher the altitude , colder the climate and greater will be the energy requirement. Athletes, who undertake
regular motivated physical exercises, develop the capacity to lose
heat efficiently.

5. Physical activities :- The energy requirement of an athlete depends
on the intensity, duration and types of his activities. Based on these, it
could be grouped under four categories.

Group I :- Light sports, Sedentary sports or skill
EX :- Chess and carom
Energy requirement :- The energy requirement of athletes doing
these sports would be 50 calories/kg body
weight/ day.

Group II :- Moderate sports. These sports involve
skill, moderate strength and moderate
EX :- Badminton, Cricket, Table Tennis
Energy requirement :- 60 calories /kg body weight/day

Group III :- Heavy sports. They involve skill,
maximum strength and high endurance.
EX :- Boxing, Football, Hockey, Squash.
Energy requirement :- 70 calories /kg body weight/day

Group IV :- Endurance sports. They involve skill,
moderate strength and extreme
Ex :- Marathon, cross country running, channel
Swimming and rowing.
Energy requirement :- 90 calories /kg body weight/day

It is recommended by the Nutrition Advisory Committee of I.C.M.R that the calorie in-take of an Indian should be as given in the following table.

Activity Men 55 Kg Women 45 Kg

Sedentary work 2400 calories 1900 calories

Moderate work 2800 calories 2200 calories

Heavy work / Players 3900 calories 3000 calories

The following foodstuff consumed per day provides 5000 kilo calories to
an athlete

CEREALS – 600 gm
BUTTER – 15 gm
JAM – 15 gm
EGGS – 02 Nos.
PULSES – 60 gm
MILK – 500 gm
OIL – 200 gm
MUTTON – 200 gm
CHICKEN/FISH – 150 – 300 gm
FRUITS – 150 gm
TEA/ COFFEE – 80/20 gm
SALT – 40 gm

It is better to table a diet chart during the training period as well as the time of Match/ competitions for various sport activities in consultation with a proper dietician.

Proper diet not only helps to improve the performance of the players but also considerably reduces the internal and external injuries.

“HEALTH IS WEALTH ” This saying will suit even more to the sportsmen. The wealth of the sportsmen is their performance. So health plays major role for their stamina and for better performance. Sportsman needs good quality food, fitness and courage.

3 Excellent Benefits of Owning Your Own Home Gym Equipment

A home gym equipment is a flexible option for individuals like you who are not able to easily head out to trim back unwanted calories and fats. It usually refers two things: either you do your personal physical exercises, like doing form of cardiovascular exercise, bending, dancing, jogging, and the likes; or you obtain exercise equipment and devices for your own home use.

People decide the latter due to the many advantages it gives to an individual looking for a more flexible, preferable way of shedding calories
The conveniences in performing your training session regimen at home with a home gym equipment are:
Initially, you can do it at any time helpful for you. Whether or not you prefer to do it at mornings after wakening or during the night considering your calendar is rather full at daytime, a home fitness exercise is great for you. You have the own accord to not wake up early in the mornings, or you don’t need to be bounded by time when carrying out your exercise with your home fitness machines

Secondly , you can operate your home gym equipment without hassles. There is no more constraining yourself to a minimal time of using equipment due to other individuals lingering in line, which generally happens at a health club center. You can use it at any amount of hours at your personal discretion

Lastly, you have the advantage to exercise at a preferred amount of time needed to burn your excess calories. You should do it every single day, bi-, or tri-weekly. And for the best part, you do this freedom of training at an intended amount of time without having spending for extra cost, which is the next advantage

With a home gym there is no need for you to maintain your membership by paying regularly. If you think of how much you can save in a year, you will be surprised at how much more advantageous it is to own exercise equipment at home

There are many type of physical exercise equipment that are offered in the industry. The treadmill, elliptical trainer, stationery bike, fitness ball, and a lot others are typically ideal preferences for home use. No matter what home fitness equipment that you discover ideal to your desires, it is encouraged that you explore the benefits, disadvantages, price, and most importantly, the conditions and terms coming from the supplier or maker of the equipment.

It in most cases implies two things: either you do your own physical exercises, like doing aerobics, bending, dancing, walking, and the likes; or you get exercise equipment and devices for your own home use. You have the liberty to not wake up early in the mornings, or you don’t have to be limited by time when carrying out your exercise with your home fitness equipments

With home fitness equipment, there is no demand for you to maintain your membership by paying frequently. If you think of the amount of money you can save in a year, you will be astounded at how much more valuable it is to own exercise equipment at home

Regardless of home fitness equipment that you choose appropriate to your requirements, it is suggested that you look at the benefits, disadvantages, price, and most importantly, the conditions and terms coming from the provider or maker of the machine.

History of Swimming

The history of swimming goes way back to that of prehistoric times. Books written from 2000 to 1500 BC including the Bible have references to swimming. It was mostly used in these times as a means of cleansing. Any form of competitive swimming wasn’t formed until the 1800’s in Europe. It was included in the first Olympics in 1896 in Athens, Greece.

It was noted that Ancient Egypt had cave drawings of humans swimming in the nearby sea. They often depicted a form of the breaststroke as the first type of swimming or something they used to call the front crawl. Ancient Egyptian, Grecian and Roman palaces were often equipped with swimming pools or baths. Often reserved for the elite that used them as relaxation pools and cleaning tubs.

It is noted by historians that swimming was also often used in battle. The Greeks were often regarded as solid swimmers and at the Battle of Salamis after a number of both Greek and Persian boats were destroyed it was said that all of the Persians drowned due to their inability to swim while the Greek prevailed.

The history of swimming is much easier to understand than other sports. Without any equipment to speak of an individual can take to the waters. Obviously those countries that had the most access to water were the first to adapt to swimming. History did not have the spreading of the sport as many other sports had encountered because it was basically already available. You either adopted swimming as a means of life or you just chose not to swim.

The evolution of swimming history expanded during the middle ages. A number of individuals took it upon themselves to write books about swimming. They were often focused on the ability to not drown rather than a perfect backstroke as you would imagine. Life saving concepts and techniques began to form throughout the next few hundred years and around the 18th and 19th century the sport began to evolve into more of a competition than just life safety. Swimming Associations and Clubs popped up all over the world. Some of the first in swimming history were in China, Sweden and Germany.

Schools began to believe that swimming was a natural part of any life education. Therefore, they began to teach swimming in schools not just as a life safety course but as an extracurricular activity. Schools and Universities began to adopt these practices and set up clubs and swim teams. Competitions began to arise around the mid 1800’s. England was the first to modernize the sport and incorporate an indoor swimming pool with a swim team. They began to formulate new swimming styles including the sidestroke. Shortly after this, variations of the freestyle began to form and credit can’t really be given to one person as so many were responsible for developing this technique.

The Olympic Games of 1896 in Athens was the first real platform for the sport. There only men competed in a number of events. Throughout the 1900’s the sport evolved and saw a number of stars arise. Johnny Weissmuller, the original Tarzan completed his ten year career by never losing a race and winning five Olympic medals.

Science and technology began to play a part in the sport throughout the 1900’s as well. When scientist and coaches began studying swimmers and there underwater techniques to improve times. The swimsuits began to change as well as any form of resistance was under scrutiny from all competitors. Goggles, swim caps and different variations of training have all evolved as well. The US has seen its share of great Olympians going back to Mark Spitz who won seven gold medals in the 1972 Olympics.

The sport has evolved to a very competitive and fun sport for anyone. That has always been the great appeal that anyone can swim and we have been for the past 3000 years…So goes the history of swimming.

Age Based Yoga Programs For Perfect Health

Yoga extending exercises are low-affect approaches to ensure that your entire body is stirred. You will experience a delicate arrangement of endorsed moves that you will culminate and refine each day. In Yoga, there is no opposition. The main individual whose advancement you should be viewing is your own. You will find that with a smidgen of work, you will have the capacity to kick you’re morning off with only a couple of basic moves.

A significant number of the positions utilized as a part of yoga classes online include extending, which unwinds your muscles and decreases pressure. Essentially, there are two sorts of extending – dynamic and static. Element extending includes movement and static extending requires no movement. Extending makes you more nimble and lessens the danger of physical damage to your joints, muscles and tendons, which is an incredible point of preference when setting out upon different types of exercise.

Maybe you are stating this is senseless. All things considered, incredible piano players make lovely music when they are playing. That is valid. Be that as it may, it is my dispute that a great many people are just mindful of the exercises and not what the exercises are intended to set them up for. It’s as though by one means or another they never get the chance to hear the music. They just see and hear the exercises. For the most part, there is no time and in some cases no craving to take in more in class. A spinal turn should likewise be possible sitting in your office seat. This exercise is useful for your lower back. Sit with impeccable stance, bears straightforwardly over your hips and moved back. Sit as tall as possible, ie: achieve the highest point of your head as close to the roof as you can. Breathe in, and then breathe out slowly as you curve to one side until you are taking a gander at the divider behind you.

Begin by lying on your stomach. Your hands ought to be on the floor, level. While in this position, ensure your hands are close to your mid-section. Utilizing the highest points of both feet, continue to move the abdominal area part upward. Ensure your shins are on the floor as you’re doing this. As you press your hands into the floor, your arms ought to be straight. Take a breath and hold it in for 40 seconds. Yoga can be knowledgeable about numerous ways. Neighborhood studios, schools, wellness clubs, and numerous spas all give sessions on yoga. A do it without anyone else’s help yoga program should be possible in the security of your own home or lodging with the guide of value instruments like books, DVDs and represented mats. Most home yoga programs will train you with an orderly strategy for every stance.

Wellzee online yoga program moves are all around balanced for each exercise and they request a complete scope of movement, as they splendidly uncover the imbalances. In this manner by building in symmetrical way, yoga stance allows the power of redundancy requested in athletic action. It counteracts wounds that are created amid training exercises these all can be accomplished just by right extending techniques in yoga.

Enjoy A Balanced Life With The Amazing Benefits Of Yoga In North Miami

Are you looking for reasons to start practicing Yoga? Well, yoga is entirely committed to help you lead a healthier and peaceful life. It is a great way to improve your strength and flexibility. The benefits of yoga go beyond the physical benefits as it is a process to bring balance in your own life. It connects the mind, body, and soul to work together. It is, in fact, a secret key to a healthy body and peaceful mind.

Historically, yoga was more than a mere teaching. It was considered a way of life. Yoga is a science of connecting your mind and body for a balanced life. Practicing yoga for few hours a day can definitely help you feel calmer, relaxed, and balanced, both mentally and physically.

In the present world, different styles of yogas are practiced by individuals. These include hatha, kundalini, vinyasa, aerial yoga, universal, prenatal, kripalu and many others. Each of the variations of yoga focuses on developing physical strength, health, and flexibility as well as mastering the art of soothing your mind and soul. To master the art of yoga, you can join yoga classes in your locality. The various courses provide the participants a unique and comprehensive foundation in understanding and practicing yoga in a better way. The training programs are intended to make you an expert and proficient enough to continue the flight with the rest of the world. There are ample of reasons of joining yoga classes and some of them are discussed below:

Reasons Why Yoga Is Good For You

Boosts Up Your Confidence: Besides uplifting the spiritual values, practicing yoga can also help in boosting up your self confidence. The process releases tension from your mind and makes you feel relaxed and confident.

Reduces Stress And Refreshes Your Mood: Some of the breathing techniques helps in relieving stress and makes you feel better and relaxed. Yoga practices enhance oxygen levels to the brain which in turn, makes you feel happier and contended.

Assists In Losing Weight: Being overweight is the sign of imbalance in your life and stress is the contributor. Yoga brings in a deep sense of relaxation both to your mind and body which in turn, de-stresses your mind, allowing you to lose weight naturally.

Increases Flexibility: Yoga asanas can make you flexible. By stretching your muscles and soft tissues safely such as tendons and ligaments, you can increase the range of motion of the joints and allows you to move freely.

As yoga has innumerable benefits, you should practice different asanas on regular basis. The beauty of yoga is that it can be practiced anywhere, whether at home or secluded place. So, plan an amazing yoga holiday in North Miami beach or join a renowned school to profit from the extraordinary health benefits of yoga.

Beneficial Factors for Having Gym Memberships

If you have made your to start a workout program, you may want to join a gym. Keep in mind that you will need to opt for a gym that you will feel comfortable going to on a daily basis. If you do not match your gym the odds of you going, and fitting with your workout plans are rather less. Your gym does not have to be the deluxe, hippest place; it has to be a bets fit for you. Every gym basically provides the same purpose to help you win your fitness goals.

Gym membership offers various health benefits. You can get exclusive gym services in your area. Just go to Google Maps, type your location and enter the keywords. You can utilize the keywords like, “Fitness Club “, “Fitness Training centers “,”Gym” and “Yoga“. In seconds, results will generate. You can filter these results by opting for the nearest gym. Choose five gyms. Note down their contact numbers, address details, fees, and services. Make a phone call and choose the best gym among all. You can find memberships within your compact budget. Below are 5 benefits of joining a gym.

1. Weight Loss Program

Gyms help you manage your ideal weight. You can reduce weight with clash dieting and cardiovascular exercises. The important thing is to manage your weight once you have reduced a few pounds. The gym gives you connection to a variety of weight loss training equipment with cardio exercise tools and strength training machines. These pieces of tools help you in losing weight whether you are a starter or a pro.

2. Fitness trainer

Each gym has a number of skilled and qualified health professionals. Those experts can assist you in losing weight by creating specific diet plans and exercise schedules. You can request for the expert help at anytime you require. Most gyms also offer personal trainers in London with their experts.

3. Friendly Atmosphere

Gyms offer a friendly atmosphere for you to do the exercise. Be watchful when you opt for your gym. Most people are not comfortable and convenient with the opposite sex. It is your option that you can choose a co-ed gym. If you don’t feel comfortable, go for a different timing or a different place.

Make friends at your workout arena. It will provide you the motivation to reduce weight. Also, it feels amazing to do the exercise with your pals.

4. A Healthy Mindset

You can win a healthy body if you have a healthy mindset. A good membership assists you focus on your targets. When you pay value, you want to get the full benefit of the value spent. It is in our nature. We do not value complimentary things. In many cases, gyms will not grant you to do the exercise for free of cost. It is a great opportunity for you to spend some value and get in shape.

5. Mental Health Essentials

Joining a gym has many benefits. Your gym will contribute amazingly to your heart health. It is a great way to build determination, and enthusiasm in your life.

Bad Habits in Sports

Sports are fun to watch and to play, as long as you curb your bad habits. To be successful at any sport, you need to develop the behavior patterns that will lead to winning. A part of this is avoiding certain bad habits.

Taking care of the body should be of utmost importance to anyone who wants to play sports seriously. Smoking and drinking are bad habits that do not mix well with sports. Smoking cuts a person’s breathing capabilities. It makes the person gasp for air after a short practice run.

Drinking alcohol is another bad habit for athletes. It dehydrates the body and slows coordination. However, drinking other fluids is necessary. Some sports players have the bad habits of not keeping themselves hydrated. This should not happen, since there are usually plenty of water and electrolyte-rich drinks available at the event.

Sports players are often entrenched in their bad habits of not getting enough sleep. They are wound up after practices or games and do not feel like going to bed early. They get up to start their training on an early schedule. If they push themselves too hard, they will find that these bad habits will end up taking them out of the game.

An athlete should never start to play without some sort of stretching or warm-up exercises. Yet, bad habits often prevail. People begin doing their sport without the slightest thought to getting ready. This is important even for a professional athlete. It often happens, though, that an amateur athlete will be more careless about. They do not make it their business to do everything right.

Sometimes people who play sports occasionally think they can be athletes without much practice. They have the bad habit of doing nothing for weeks or months on end. Then, they jump in and do strenuous sports activities. They believe that they do not need to keep practiced and in shape. This can result in injury and exhaustion.

Not using proper safety equipment is a bad habit in sports. In professional sports, this equipment is required. If an NFL football player were to make it onto the field without his protective gear, he would be fined heavily.

In amateur games, people are not so careful about using safety equipment. They may play golf in slick dress shoes instead of golf shoes. This may cause them an injury if they slip and fall. A bicyclist may have the bad habit of not using a helmet if she is an amateur. This can be a dangerous mistake.

One bad habit people have in sports is not being team players. If a person tries to take all the glory, the team comes to resent him and will not back him up the way they should. If the person works with the team, the team will be a cohesive unit that can accomplish great things.

Sports can be fun activities or a great way to make a living. Either way, the way you conduct yourself will make all the difference in how you enjoy the game. So, suit up and leave your bad habits on the bench.

Make Your Gym Sessions More Productive And Comfortable In The Right Gym Shoes

Getting a gym membership can be exciting whether you are looking forward to losing weight and shaping up, building muscles or simply getting fit. Whatever your reasons for going for some gym activities, you ought to remember that the shoes you select can have effects on how comfortable and productive you remain. A good gym shoe is one that does not keep reminding you that you are wearing it probably because it is too hot, too tight too heavy or because it pinches. You need to choose the right shoe to make sure that you give maximum concentration on  the gym workout.

Grip – This is very important especially when you are looking for weight lifting shoes. Shoes that offer a flat firm grip on the floor or ground gives you proper form and they keep you safe from skidding when lifting heavy weights. It is important to avoid thick soled high tech shoes when in the weight room for safety and effectiveness in the activity. Always look at the sole of your shoes and the anti-skid features it has to ensure that you select a pair that is bound to offer firm grip regardless of the gym floor that you get exposed to.

Support – This is another very important aspect of gym shoes especially for strength training and cardio sessions. Remember these are activities that consist of side to side shuffling and jumping and you therefore should look for a shoe that has ample support. Wide toe box high top sneakers can be great choices when you are looking for optimal movement. Look for shoes that offer ankle support and arch support as well to keep the aerobic movements swift and safe for you. Shoes that are able to keep your feet from inward rolling are best for treadmill time  so make sure you pay attention to this supportive feature as well.

Comfort – It is definitely something you must pay attention to. Choose high top sneakers that have ample cushioning to keep your feet comfortable whether you are strength training or lifting weight. A comfortable gym shoe should not only be cushioned but also light enough and breathable for your feet so that they don’t end up feeling overheated and heavy as this can slow you down. Comfort also relies on the shoe size that you select. Make sure your workout shoes fit comfortably. Avoid choosing very tight shoes or very large ones because either way you will have a hard time keeping up with the gym demands.

Style – You might be going to the gym but you definitely do want to look stylish. There are so many stylish sneakers you can choose for your gym workouts so you do not have to compromise your sense of style just because you are hitting the gym, go for workout high tops! When you take time to weigh your options, you will find a gym shoe you love and one that matches your personality. Love the shoe to enjoy wearing it to the gym.

Bodybuilding sneakers are very important for any gym workout. Ensure you remain safe, productive and comfortable by selecting excellent gym shoes that have all important features included and get the right fit for your feet.

Benefits of Yoga Meditation Retreat

The fast paced and competitive world that we humans exist in, has led to a great amount of stress and fatigue that people battle with on a routine basis. There is no respite from the need to compete and be a front runner in the game of life and profession. There is a constant need to make it to the top and people very often forget that in their endeavor to reach to the top, they leave their peace and health behind, trailing to catch up. While the rush of youthful hormones and the excitement that comes with challenge, does not allow one to realize, the deterioration of health and well-being is a real danger for the modern lifestyle. it is the realization and the acceptance of this fact by a whole lot of educated people that Yoga retreat India has become a popular choice among people.

Though the trend is newly catching on and people are starting to take notice of all the retreats, the practice has been going on since yogic times and there are a whole lot of benefits attached with a place so serene and peaceful. One of the biggest advantages is that the Yoga vacation India not only ensures good health for the vacation seekers, it also helps them unwind from routine life and experience something natural and closer to the marvels of mother earth. The people who hardly get any time to devote to their won bodies, may be able to detoxify their body from head to toe and also develop a healthy habit of practicing yoga in their regular personal lives. This is a major benefit because of the natural goodness and health advantages that the practice of yoga offers to its followers. A yoga meditation retreat also ensures that along with the body, the peace and health of the mind is also established. All the negativity and the fatigue that routine life throws at the hard working vacation seekers is something that is cleared with the unique holiday experience.

Going on a health vacation to learn and practice yoga and meditation is one of the biggest health gifts that one can give to their own body. When the mind and body are at peace it not only affects the health of the person but also ensures increased productivity and a positive outlook of life. The entire experience comes with a promise of over all happiness in life.

The Life of a Bodybuilder

So you think you’ve got what it takes to be a bodybuilder? Can you go through grueling workouts with almost no glycogen storage? Can you avoid all simple sugars for nearly two months? Can you get down to below 5% body fat?

If you are one of the few, dedicated individuals who think they can become a bodybuilder, ask yourself this question. “Can I stop drinking all fluids for nearly 24 hours?” If you answered no to the last question, I don’t think any less of you. In fact, the last 24 hours before a competition are perhaps the most miserable for most bodybuilders. In my case, I can honestly say the hardest part was the carbohydrate depletion. As an author and a Personal Trainer, I found it extremely difficult to function without the primary source of energy– carbs. That being said, my experience as a bodybuilder has molded me into the strongest person I have ever been. I’m going to illustrate my latest experience at the Border States Classic in October 2008, in the hopes of inspiring and educating those who are interested in the sport of bodybuilding to compete.

First and foremost, I should tell everyone that bodybuilding is truly a competition against one’s self. This means that one must constantly be battling their urges to consume junk food, overeat and skip on workouts. No one else can make you do this. Even a Personal Trainer can only give you a roadmap, but you must follow the path. I knew that I could keep myself from indulging in the non-essentials so I decided to try my hand at the Border States. Ten weeks before the show I weighed in at 168 pounds and around 11% body fat. I figured that I couldn’t make bantamweight (up to 143lbs.), but I knew my muscular development was good, so I began to go through a journey of fat burning.


The edge I had over many of my competitors was my knowledge of supplementation. I knew that the right combination of supps could fine tune my body and allow me to go on stage super tight. I was right! I was very, very tight. Below is the list of supplements that I used during pre-competition:

Green Tea Extract, 600 mg daily

7-Keto, 300 mg daily

CLA, 8 grams a day (4 before bed)

Tribulus, 3000 mg daily

Gaspari Novedex, 3 capsules at bedtime

Fish Oil, 30 grams a day

Max Nitro L-Arginine, 10 grams a day on empty stomach

L-Glutamine, 30 grams a day (10 at night)

Controlled Labs Purple Wrath

AST GABA, 5 Grams before bedtime

Alpha Lipoic Acid/ L Carnitine/ Co Q 10 compound, 4 capsules a day

Milk Thistle

Probolic-SR (not the last week before the show)

BSN Lean Dessert (not the last week)

Nature’s Best- Whey Isolate (not the last week)

MHP-XPEL water loss (8 capsules daily for the last week)

This may seem like a lot of supplements, and it is! Remember, a bodybuilder cannot deprive his or her body of the nutrients it needs to repair itself. Actually, no one should deprive their body. All we have in life is time and health. It is important to make both of these as good and enjoyable as possible.

Training: High Volume

I used a routine that consisted of hitting every body part twice a week, taking Sunday off. I hit legs and deltoids three times a week. My training was very high volume and looked similar to this:


Lateral Raise– 4 sets of 15-20 reps, superset with 4 sets of Front Raises 15-20 reps

Overhead dumbbell press– (35 lbs) 4 sets of 25 reps

Wide Grip Upright Rows– 4 sets of 20 reps

Shrugs with light weight– 20 reps, superset with Lateral Raises to finish

My cardio increased significantly the last 3 weeks. I did one half-hour session of cardio on the recumbent bike first thing in the morning, after a shake with Purple Wrath. I did this again at night after my last meal to ensure that I would deplete my glycogen stores.

Diet: Carbohydrate Cycling

This is truly the hardest part of bodybuilding. I opted to cycle my carb intake; taking in only 40 grams of carbs from oatmeal for 4 days. On the fifth day, I would take in about 200 grams of carbs from oatmeal, sweet potatoes, and brown rice. All of my meals contained about 6 ounces of fish (no salmon), chicken or ground turkey. These are very lean meats, which allowed me to maintain an adequate protein intake. All meals contained 2 cups of green beans, spinach, or bok choy. I would take in 5 meals every day, or the equivalent of 1 meal every 3 hours. I made sure to supplement with plenty of fish oil and Branched Chain Amino Acids to maintain energy levels and muscle tissue. In essence, I tried to focus on lean protein and veggies.

Note: The last week before competition, I ate only 30 grams of carbs per day until the day before the show. I also drank only 2 gallons of water until two days before (Thursday); that day I drank only a ½ gallon of water. Friday I only drank 8 oz. of water. Saturday morning I only had black coffee. I was very thirsty to say the least.

Posing and Tanning: Contest Prep is Vital!

A few weeks before the competition I began to tan. This is one of my least favorite parts of my experience. In addition to the regular tanning, I applied 6 coats of Pro-Tan, a tanning liquid that is painted on the skin. Now, I have the unfortunate disposition of having body hair, so my stubble was somewhat noticeable. Therefore, before the night show, I applied one more coat to hide the stubble. Tanning is a pain, but it is necessary and very aesthetically pleasing. The lights on stage are white, which makes the competitors look pale. Pale white skin would wash away like sand on the beach. Remember, this sport is about how good you look!

Posing is perhaps the most important part of bodybuilding shows. Flexing each muscle is a form of isometric exercise and helps etch in the definition between muscles. A competitor should be used to flexing for at least 60 seconds to build up endurance. Judges do not like to see competitors shake on stage from lack of muscular endurance. I think I posed for at least 30 minutes every day starting from two weeks prior to the show. The last two days, flexing and posing were my only forms of exercise.

Conclusion: Although it was a challenge, my bodybuilding experience was one of the greatest times of my life. It was a blast being onstage with my fellow athletes. It was even more fun standing right in front of the biggest guy onstage and posing down with him. I suggest that if you are interested in Bodybuilding Competition, you should go to a show to see what the atmosphere is like. See the competitors in person and decide if you have the discipline to transform your body with the necessary strategies.

Keep the Fire Burning!

The Wonders of Muscomax As A Bodybuilder’s Supplement

The world of sports is very competitive nowadays. This means that the best placed competitor is the one who is well ahead of the others in terms of diet, training programme, and the overall preparation. Our lifestyles sometimes may be our undoing. What we eat can point to the way our bodies will shape up, if at all they ever will. You can change yourself by doing the right thing and make this habit your way of life. You should create the highest level of stamina that your body can support with the available resources. Muscomax is a just the supplement for this kind of job.

This supplement enhances the strength of the bodybuilder in very many ways. For the bodybuilder, this is the right kind of stuff in case where the usual diet does not seem to work out really well. A group of American researchers recently confirmed that they had been involved in the clinical and scientific developments that culminated in the invention of the dietary supplement. Many substances have been included in this product.

Packed in the form of a pill, it is made in such a way that it throws the muscles into action and ensures more muscle growth. The right kind of testosterone for the body is the free androgen, whose mild percentage constitution works out wonders in the gym as well as in the track. Sometimes there arises confusion regarding the classification of performance-enhancing substances. Steroids are as different from supplements as muscomax is from steroids.

This assertion is necessary so that anybody who doubts this can confirm with the right authorities. To increase the level of growth without interfering with the delicate balance of hormones is a difficult task. The researchers who were in charge of the muscomax project should be lauded for a job well done. For instance, it has been an uphill task having to extract and ensure a constant of the right growth factors. The main factor apart from availability was affordability. It is one thing having a good product and it is a completely different one ensuring that the right people can afford it. This growth factor takes the form of insulin which is so beneficial to the body in terms of regulation of sugar levels.

It should be noted that people with certain diseases need that special diet which helps them take control their bodies by fighting the infections that arise. The muscle cells are always in dire need of energy through conversion of glycogen using insulin. Add this to the growth factor for protein synthesis and the resulting performance is superb.

The type of the testosterone that is contained in this diet supplement is meant to increase the rate at which new cells of the muscle tissue are created in order to replace the old and the dying ones. A good example is the overtraining phenomenon which leaves the body emaciated and in dire need of energy to supplement what is supplied by the ordinary everyday diet. For novices, the change into lifestyles where tough muscle-tearing bodybuilding workouts and exercises are the order of the day can be quite challenging. In such cases, muscomax supplements are highly recommended.

Adventure Activities and Water Sports in Bangalore

Due to the increased demand for water induced sports and fun activities, many entrepreneurs and businessmen have found it profitable to set up water parks and water game zones in and around Bangalore. Many of the major Water Sport locales in Bangalore are well equipped and supported with excellent quality surf boards, play zones, Kayaks, canoes and other equipments and facilities. These places are the best for amateurs and kids too, as they also offer support and expert training for those who are relatively unknown or new to these sports. There are many popular destinations for Water Sport enthusiasts, where one can enjoy many Water Sport activities like scuba diving, Para sailing, white river rafting etc. Most often than not, they provide the gear and the equipments and even take care of the travel to and fro from the river or the sport locations.

Let us now see which the specific and famous water sports in Bangalore are:

  • Scuba diving: one of the most favored water sports around the world is scuba diving. It is nothing but deep water diving, with the help of some equipment that help you see and breathe underwater. People go for scuba dives, to explore the sea, the world inside the waters. Murudeshwar, Dev Bagh and Maravanthe are some of the places in Karnataka that are considered as hot spots for the sport.


  • Para sailing: There are plenty of opportunities when it comes to those desirous of going for Para sailing in Bangalore. Para sailing is indeed a fun sport that is divided into two kinds. There is aquatic Para sailing as well as terrestrial Para sailing. Aquatic Para sailing is not possible in Bangalore because there are no real water bodies here. But terrestrial Para sailing is organized all through the year except in the rainy seasons.

Parasailing 017.jpg

  • White water rafting: White Water rafting is another very popular adventure sport in Bangalore. This is majorly due to the fact that these are very conveniently arranged and comfortable facilities are offered round the year for whole groups. Locales like Sitanadi, Kemphole, Netravati, Honnemaradu, Dandeli, Madikeri, Gokarna, Marawanthe beach Karwar and Devbagh are some of the finest places which offer major scope for water rafting.

White Water Rafting.jpg

  • Zorbing: zorbing on water is a lesser known water sport, but a great one nonetheless. Water zorbing is preferred in still waters as the waves otherwise would be inclined to pull the zorb in. There are many destinations around Bangalore too that offer world class zorbing experience. Bheemeshwari fishing camp, Galibore, Kali, Dandeli, Dubare, Kodagu, Sita are some of the locations which are about 90 kms to 150 kms away from Bangalore.

ZORB 2-3.jpg

  • Swimming: there is a huge scope for learning swimming as well as taking part in a lot of annual and monthly contests organized in Bangalore. A hub for weekenders, swimming is seen as a great sport and thus there are many holiday resorts and hotels that have constructed high end swimming pools to cater to the demands of the ever increasing troupe of swimmers.

Sodium – The Bodybuilder’s Best Friend Or Worst Enemy?

Sodium is mineral which is essential for human life, and one of the body’s primary electrolytes. Too little of it, and your body enters a deficit which results in reduced organ function. Too much of it, and one can suffer negative health effects. If you’re a bodybuilder, your sodium intake is even more important, as your body has additional demands. Plus, your sport requires a level of dryness (lack of water) that sodium has a direct effect upon. Finally, manipulating sodium levels can have very positive effects on your training. Let’s jump in!

Too little sodium

When the body doesn’t get enough sodium, as will happen on super-clean diets, there are some negative side effects. Muscle cramping and dizziness are the most common symptoms. In more advanced deficiencies, an electrolyte disturbance can occur. This can lead to severe problems of a neurological nature. Additionally, water can cause harm to the body (in the form of water intoxication) without enough of the essential electrolyte sodium there to do its job.

Too much sodium

Consuming too much sodium (through salt intake) has its own set of negative effects on the body. Asthma, hypertension (high blood pressure), heartburn, osteoporosis, cardiac enlargement, ulcers, and edema have all been known to occur in people that simply consume too much salt. So while sodium is a terrific piece of your daily intake, too much of it can indeed be fatal in the long-term.

Ideal amounts

Daily recommended amounts of salt vary from nation to nation. The uniform agreement is somewhere between 2.5 and 5.0 grams per day. This is completely subject to individual medical requirements, however.

With heavy training

The strain upon the body from heavy weight training does lead to a greater requirement of both macro (protein, carbs, and fats) and micro (vitamins and minerals) nutrients. Bodybuilders do require slightly more sodium each day than their untrained counterparts, but no more than an additional 2.5 grams.

Sodium loading

Many athletes, particularly natural bodybuilders, employ a tactic known as “sodium loading” in order to gain an advantage in the weight room. Essentially, it involves purposely raising the sodium intake to high levels, to enjoy the side effect of increased water retention. This puts more water into the muscle and makes for heavier lifts. Trainers should always be careful using this method, knowing full aware the side effects of long term sodium abuse.


Most bodybuilders remove all excess (and some required!) water from their bodies before a show, through sodium removal from diet and often, diuretic use. This is a dangerous practice and should only be done under the watchful eye of a doctor experienced in this arena.

The importance of water

An essential note which should be observed by all readers, both bodybuilders and non-athletes, is that water consumption can help you overcome a lot of mistakes with sodium level manipulation. Unless you’re two days out form a show, you should always drink a gallon of water per day in order to ensure essential organ function, and that your body is able to flush out toxins and operate at maximum levels.

The bottom line is that sodium is a good thing. But, as you may know, too much of a good thing can kill you. Bodybuilders need to take special notice of their unique needs when manipulating sodium levels. Being knowledgeable in this area leads to advantages both on the stage, and in long term health and viability.

Amazing Bulk Yoga Elements For Healthy Life

At my first yoga exercises exercise, I obtained a mat that my studio room had on side. I easily noticed I required a mat of my own. The obtained mat was too slim, not lengthy enough for my size, and protected in somebody else’s sweat! Being a complete beginner, I advancing to the regional lower price shop and purchased the first mat that captured my eye bulk yoga. Having, at time, more cash than sound judgment, I finished up purchasing several more pads in the look for the one that was really right for me. From experience, I know that when you look for the best yoga exercises mat, you should consider 5 factors: size/shape, width and bodyweight, structure, appearance, and cost. If you take the time to properly think through these aspects, you will be happier with your option, appreciate your yoga exercises methods more, and maybe even reduce costs.

As your trainer will probably tell you, your mat is your galaxy. Too little, you may be uncomfortable; too big, you may affect other learners. “Standard” yoga exercises pads are rectangle-shaped in form, roughly 24″ by 68″. For people of regular dimension and weight, this style will likely provide well. It provides you with just enough horizontally area to do sitting presents and turns and enough duration so that vinyasas and supine presents don’t have you clinging off the back. If, however, you are holding a little additional bodyweight or you are high (say 5’10 or over) you may want to consider getting an additional lengthy mat to provide you more area to progress and returning and to expand out. Or, you may want to take the jump of getting a circular mat, like the Mandala 6′ Round, which gives you more space to expand out in all of your presents sticky yoga mat. I take a lengthy mat to category but use a circular mat at house.

Lengthy, rectangle-shaped pads can quickly be covered at the studio room, but the circular mat (unless everyone in the category uses one) just interrupts the agreement of the other pads in the category. So if you take one to the studio room and you’re the only one using a circular mat, be ready for some dissatisfied looks from class mates and maybe your trainer. A yoga exercises mat’s objective is to provide you with a non-slip area and to support your legs, waist, and other parts that come into contact with the ground. Pads at the yoga exercises studio room and less expensive mats are likely to be 1/8″ dense, perhaps a little bit more. This little width is fine if you have no understanding in your legs during camel cause, in your waist during supine turns, in your arms during sphinx, or in your arms in down dog cause. But if you do have that understanding, a wider mat may be best for you bulk yoga.

Yoga exercises pads are created of various different components. Older pads and less expensive pads may be created of latex, PVC, or a plastic material combination. You may be sensitive or delicate to some of these components, and they are dangerous to the surroundings. More recent pads are created of a combination, micro-fiber, or hydrogen based froth that does not contain latex and are more “eco-friendly.”

How I Became a Bodybuilder

Hello there, let me tell you about how I became a bodybuilder. Like most medical students I had little time or interest in going to a gym on a regular basis. I did want to lose some weight but the thought of exercise left me uninspired. Then I discovered aerobics and how you could burn body fat by raising your heart-rate to a level in the 70-80% range of your maximum cardiac output. I started to do the “StairMaster” machine at a local gym and with headphones on a 20-30 minute session at an aerobic heart-rate was no problem at all; in fact I ended up doing aerobic training almost every day for several months. I did lose 10lbs or so of weight that was mostly body-fat and I was down to 145lbs.

One day while on the stairmaster, I noticed all the dumbells, barbells and free-weights that were in another area of the gym and I asked one of the staff what that was all about. He told me that there were two ways to go: either a lean slim compact body or a body with curves and rounded muscles. The second way, he said, was accomplished by weight-training while still keeping body fat down with aerobic exercise after the weight-training session. This, of course required spending more time at the gym but I was very curious about what effect weight-lifting would have on my now flat but lean body. In fact someone in the locker room looked at me and told me that I looked like a teenager.

So with help from the staff trainers I began to exercise with weight 3-4 times a week. What I didn’t realize was that I had great genetics for muscle-building and it soon was quite obvious that my shoulders and chest were getting rounder and larger. I started to learn to isolate my muscle groups and started reading everything about bodybuilding that I could lay my hands on. After several months I was hooked and couldn’t wait to get to the gym and try out new and different exercises. The trainers told me to give up the aerobic exercise and I would build muscle more easily. I changed my diet to a high-protein/low fat/moderate carbohydrate one and began eating 4-5 smaller meals during the day. The results were amazing and real; my self-esteem started to grow and in the first year of bodybuilding I gained 10lbs of muscle. Now I was definitely hooked.

During the next 4 years my training became more intense as I developed different exercises that helped me to isolate a particular muscle and feel the contraction as I worked out with weight. I spent one entire summer learning how to isolate and train my back which was lagging behind my chest according to one of the senior trainers at the gym. I switched to a more hard-core bodybuilding gym and added 10 lbs of muscle every year for the next 3-4 years at which time I weighed 185 lbs with a body fat of only 7%. I had reached my genetic potential and I plateaued at that weight watching my diet and downing loads of amino acid tablets for extra protein.

I was getting ready to compete as compliments and stares came my way. I felt like a transformed person and I actually have much greater self-esteem and self-confidence now that I have become a successful bodybuilder.

Learn and Practice Yoga amidst the Calm and Natural Surrounding at Goa

When a yoga teacher training program is studied, it offers adequate knowledge and skill required for a yoga teacher. There are many people across the globe passionate about yoga and enroll in for yoga classes. In that aspect India is a place of origin for yoga and has a number of best institutes to train and deliver yoga teachers.

Along with Nature
In that manner sampoorna yoga is a famed yoga school which has its branches scattered across the country. Many yoga enthusiasts who desire to become yoga teacher travel to India from across the globe. Yoga teacher training in Goa is a most salutary destination at Agonda beach with sea and sand positioned in south goa. The Agonda beach stands out to be a perfect place as it is calm, serene, isolated and prevails silent. The natural touch of Goa with hills bordering the Agonda beach along with reflective sight and palm laciniate fresh waters are main reasons for choosing Agonda beach as a spot. More over individuals like the unpolluted water, air and the clean and green environment of Agonda beach in Goa.

Reaching Agonda Beach
Since Goa is considered as an international destination, people from abroad can also reach the place by air ways. Dabolim airport is the destination from where Agonda beach is 70 km away. Madgaon is the railway station which takes about 40 km to reach the beach and it takes about 7 km from the other key beaches namely Patnem and Palolem. Goa can be reached by all the domestic airports in India and also be road and railways.

Amenities for Yoga Enthusiasts
For individuals who desire to enroll for yoga teacher training in Goa need not worry about the accommodation as there are more amenities. Budget oriented accommodations are available at Goa and also Sampoorna cottage villages are available. The sampoorna yoga village can be the right choice for yoga lovers as it is a calm place free of disturbances. The place also holds two yoga platforms where one is located in the lower part and the other on the top of the hill which shows an open view of the sea. The place is picture perfect for developing budding yoga teachers.

Yoga lovers who are passionate about getting into the teacher training course can check the website. The website has all the details and would surely fascinate enthusiastic yoga lovers by its gallery. More over fees and other details can be checked in the website.

Gym Fitness Studio Cleaning Services

This benefits the client because the final budget is much cheaper. We improve any offer, all products and systems used are organic and introduce a significant improvement in the environmental quality of facilities.

Gym Fitness Studio Cleaning Services facility is channeled through areas in which specific methods and frequencies are established. They made dusting all surfaces with wet cloths microfiber. Washable furniture (wardrobes, tables, chairs, stools lockers were cleaned with microfiber cloths and product cleaning and disinfection right. Cleaning and electronic office equipment. Computers, monitors, keyboards, printers, be cleaned keeping them free of dust, microfiber cloths by incorporating carbon fiber with antistatic. Cleaning the keyboard, for being one of the most used elements in an office, requires special cleaning. Therefore, a novel system applied to the irradiation of UV-C rays to the surface of the keyboard, resulting in a sterilization and disinfection total treated area. Cleaning toilets, changing rooms and showers.

gym-fitness-studio-cleaning-services2.pnWe will grant special attention to cleaning the toilets, changing rooms and showers, as they are the mirror of the degree of cleanliness that permeates any sports facility, and the use to which they are intended, require possible greater degree of hygiene. All elements of the toilets will be cleaned and sanitized with non-abrasive disinfectant products. In the locker room, and especially in the showers, common sites for the formation of mold, apply fungicides. In Gym Fitness Studio, Cleaning Services include weight rooms, aerobics, specially treat the soil with products that do not damage the material and that ultimately does not become this soil in sliding. To do this, proceed to sweep and mop with microfiber wet quaternary ammonium sanitizer.

Cleaning the weight machines, free weights, be cleaned with microfiber cloths detergent and disinfectant. Innocuous products (ionized water, microfibers, and ozone treatments) are used to avoid the use of chemicals, including bleaches and abrasives. Maintenance cleaning and hygiene are essential for these facilities. The use of products and equipment of the latest technology increase the quality and speed of Gym Fitness Studio Cleaning Services. It is imperative thorough cleaning and disinfection, using detergent-disinfectant broad spectrum. Within these costumes have lockers, where the subscriber leaves his clothes. They must be clean every day. After making the sport, all subscribers of the installation go through the showers. Remove dirt and body sweat in the form of bacteria into the mold.

It is essential cleaning and disinfection very careful, not to mention the appearance of screens and steel pushers water. Where users tend to perform different exercises, cannot be dirty, dusty or mirrors with fingers. This sweat can damage soil and bicycles, especially steel wheels.

About Branches Or Basics of Yoga

The increasing popularity of Yoga as a form of health fitness program draws more interest to its origins. This ancient practice stems from the East with a few variations from traditional practitioners that have since extended to the West and across the globe.

Yoga Basics

There are several popular branches of Yoga which are commonly practiced in Shanghai today. A lot of Yoga studio classes are conducted due to the popular demand of this exercise practice in the cosmopolitan city.

Many Yoga studio Shanghai services offer a few variations of yoga to cater to the different demands of local practitioners. However, most of these yoga classes have commonalities taught and exercised; they include asanas, pranayama and meditation. Asanas refers to the various physical positions and movements that are practiced during a yoga studio session. Pranayama refers to the structured breathing teachings to ensure a proper breath control throughout the practice session. Meditation is exercised to calm and relax the body system as well as the mind and soul.

Yoga Shanghai classes also disseminate a strong moral code teaching in disciplining practitioners for better self-control and lifestyle that promotes better general health.

1) Hatha Yoga

Hatha is an Indian word that is broken into two syllabi: “ha” and “tha” with the former meaning “sun” and the latter meaning “moon”. Many yoga Shanghai studios offer this popular Hatha yoga that synergizes the energy of two powerful natural forces in the body. Hatha yoga aims to enhance the body in a purer state of meditation before moving further in yoga practices.

Modern practitioners of Hatha yoga enjoy a mental refreshment and greater physical comfort when they practice Hatha yoga consistently.

2) Raja Yoga

After mastering Hatha Yoga, many practitioners would move on to embrace Raja yoga. There are many branches in Raja yoga for practitioners to venture into at their own pace through yoga studio Shanghai sessions.

Practitioners who indulge in Raja yoga progressively would be exposed to niyama (self-discipline), asana (positions), Pranayama (breath control), pratyahara (sensory deprivation), dharana (meditation) and samadhi (ecstasy). This form of yoga practice is normally indulged in by religious leaders and monks.

3) Karma Yoga

Karma yoga is common in yoga Shanghai studios or special schools of yoga that teaches on the influence of today for the future. There is always a connection between now and later depending on what is acted on today. It is a case of ‘what goes around comes around’.

This seemingly cosmic principle leads practitioners on to create a positive environment that is filled with love to refute future negativity. Karma yoga practitioners aim to lead a life that serves the less fortunate with selfless devotion.

Other types of yoga practices could be conducted upon request at many yoga Shanghai studios.


Lee Haney turned disappointment in one sport into a record-setting career in another. Lee began bodybuilding after he broke a leg playing high school football in South Carolina. Like many teens, Lee had aspirations of playing professional football—and he had the talent to make that dream come true. But while rehabilitating his injured leg in the weight room he discovered that he liked lifting weights more than playing football.

“They sent me into the weight room to rehabilitate my atrophied leg muscles, and I never came out again,” Lee said. “Once I had experienced the thrill of being able to add muscle mass to my frame, I was an ex-footballer and a lifetime bodybuilder.”

Lee found that his body quickly responded to weight , and he liked htrainingis new muscle mass. He could quickly envision success as a bodybuilder. It turns out that he was right. “Large Lee,” as he became known, won eight straight Mr. Olympia titles from 1984 to 1991. That’s bodybuilding’s top prize, akin to the Super Bowl in pro football. Lee even bettered the previous record of seven Mr. Olympia wins by the incomparable Arnold Schwarzenegger. Many people had thought Arnold’s record would never be broken. Lee started serious weight training when he was 16 years old and soon began winning youth bodybuilding contests. A photo of him at age 17 shows what an extraordinary physique he had already developed. Lee began accumulating national bodybuilding titles in 1979 when he won Teen Mr. America. He followed it up with victories in the 1982 Junior Nationals bodybuilding contest and the World Amateur Championships later that year.

In 1983, he entered his first Mr. Olympia contest and shocked people by finishing third—much higher than most competitors do on their first attempt. Still, he wasn’t content. The judges’ comments noted that his arms and calves were too small, and he set out to correct those flaws in his physique. The next year, he won the Mr. Olympia title—blowing away the field. Lee’s dominance in bodybuilding had begun. Throughout his career, he was known for his intense workouts and the incredible size he achieved. He was especially known for his massive back, which seemed to dwarf the backs of other competitors. Standing just under 6 feet tall, he carried 250 pounds of rippling muscle in contest shape. Today Lee is retired and lives outside Atlanta, Georgia. He owns a 40-acre ranch that he calls “Haney’s Harvest House,” and he works with inner-city youth. He’s one of the leading promoters of bodybuilding: He saw what it did for him, and he knows what it can do for others, in terms of both physique and self-esteem.

“Every bodybuilder wants to develop huge, powerful muscles,” says Lee, now 43. “In fact, that’s usually the main reason why most of us started working out with weights in the first place—to build up a skinny frame so we could look huge and powerful. No matter how massive a bodybuilder gets, he still wants to add a little more muscle to certain parts of his physique.”

Haridwar: The Center of Yoga Education and Practice

Most people think about Yoga as an alternative to physiotherapy. They feel that Yoga exercises can fix their problems and then they can forget about it later on, just like a pill one takes when one falls ill. Possibly there are cases where people have taken to Yoga with the sole purpose of finding a cure to some medical problem and after benefiting from it forgotten about it. There are others who did get interested in Yoga to look for a treatment for their maladies but later, found the true meaning of Yoga and practiced Yoga all their life.

The true meaning of Yoga

Let us check out some basic questions and their answers to find out the true meaning of Yoga.

Q. If Yoga isn’t really a string of exercises then what else can it be?

A. Yoga is a way of life.

Q. If Yoga is a way of life, is this way of life any better?

A. To be able to appreciate the answer to this question above one needs some basic prior knowledge about human existence. What makes it difficult to understand the science of Yoga is that Yoga believes that the self one perceives is the self that exists in the present plane of perception. As one increases knowledge and means of perception, his/her level of perception changes. This higher level of self is unconceivable to any one who has not attained that higher level of perception. Thus, practicing yoga way of life attains its goals when the present self fuses with the higher level of the self.

Yoga is really the fusion of the current perception of self with the higher self, which can be attained only by discovering self through different levels of perception. Hatha Yoga, which deals in building physical and mental strengths, is the first level to get through. Any person who has practiced Hatha Yoga will be able to confirm this change of perception.

What is special about Yoga Training in Haridwar?

Haridwar is a small town on the banks of River Ganges, which flows down through the heart of India after emerging from the melting Himalayan glaciers. This place has been the abode of many sages and men of learning from the Indian Subcontinent. Sage Patanjali is said to have compiled the first volume on Yoga based on different ‘Sutra’ or lines of theoretical equations. In the modern times, Patanjali’s compilations are the only source of knowledge about Yoga. Haridwar is still the place where further research in Yoga is being carried out. Learning Yoga in Haridwar would be the best advice that one can give to someone having a desire to follow the Yogic way of life. Being a hub of research in Yoga one can also avail the facilities of Yoga Instructor Training Center in Haridwar and lead people from ignorance by teaching Yoga.

Jet Boarding A Fun New Sport

Jet boarding is not particularly a new sport, but one that is just starting to gain a wider recognition. Power skiing as it is often called, is when you take a jet board out into the open water to play. It is a combination of waterskiing, snow boarding, wind surfing and surfing all in one amazingly fun sport. The jet board itself is a jet-powered surfboard that you stand on and it will propel you at speeds of up to 70km/h. It is one of those sports that is simple enough that even the novice can figure it out, but is challenging enough to keep a skilled jet boarder entertained.

Jet boarding is a unique combination of surfing while attempting to steer a board that you stand on. Since it is jet powered, the likeliness of staying on the first few times you try, are unlikely, however, you do get the hang of it once you have given it a few goes. People that have tried it claim that the most fun thing about the sport is that you stand on a board and are jet propelled across the water by your own inertia on the water. Not only is it a lot of fun, but standing up is simple enough that anyone can eventually do it with some practice, and those that are seasoned riders still come back for more because it is so much fun.

Half the fun of jet boarding is falling off. Each time you get up again, you can try using it in a different way since it is comprised of so many different sports. There is no right or wrong way to jet board, which makes it half the fun. Because jet boarding is considered to be the water sport of the new millennium, there is not really a gaming sport about it. There are no competitions, it is not known worldwide like waterskiing or surfing, and there is not any way to set rules to playing such a game as jet boarding is so many various water sports combined.

The Jet Board has an easy to use control that is designed to help teach the ride balance and buoyancy so that staying afloat is not a problem. Learning to take turns at high speed and learning to do all sorts of neat tricks while jet boarding is what makes it such a fun challenge for seasoned water sport enthusiasts. Learning to take a turn at 70km/h while using your hand as a hydroplane with your feet firmly in front of you instead of underneath you is a fun challenge that any water sport enthusiast should try at least once. Other tricks that many seasoned jet boarders enjoy include nose riding, tandem riding, wave riding, and even wave sailing, which is the ultimate challenge for any jet boarder.

So far, there is a 100% stand up rate for first time riders. Although. Standing up the first time is the only things that jet boarding can claim 100%. As fun as this new water sport is, it is not as easy as you may think!

Unleash Yourself In An Open Water Swimming Event

“You don’t have to be a fantastic hero to do certain things. You can just be ordinary.”

The aforementioned quote is significant for individuals who have an undying urge to do something peculiar in their lives. You need not to have ravishing physical attributes, but having an attitude to do something beyond your limit sets an example for yourself as well as others. Many individuals are a storehouse of capabilities and talents, yet are unable to realize them until pushed to an extent where they are asked to perform in extreme and undaunting conditions. With rising awareness amidst people, fitness is the new fashion statement. A lot of individuals are coming out of their nutshells and getting engaged in activities where they can unleash their hidden potentials. Marathons, long distance cycling brevets, open water swimming and a lot more of activities are being taken up by people of all age groups. If you talk about marathoners, covering a distance of 26.2 miles is not an easy task, yet their never-ending spirit gets them going. Many marathoners believe in the success mantra, “I don’t stop when I am tired, I stop when I am done”. This speaks about their indestructible spirit and a desire to explore beyond the known.

Similarly, there are open water swimming events, where individuals are made to swim in conditions as difficult as high tides, drifts, and waves. Swimming, itself is a very taxing exercise and drenches an individual of all his or her energy. Also, swimming is a complete body exercise, where an individual makes use of his or her arms, butts, legs, shoulders, neck, etc. A lot of individuals are working on their fitness levels to such an extent that they are combining running, cycling and open water swimming into one. Together, it is called as a triathlon event. In fact, events like these are getting popular among people. Such events are meant to bring out the beast in you and make you recognize the talents and limits you were unaware of. Also, once you have participated in any of these events, your thirst becomes unquenchable and you want to go an extra mile every time.

So, if you are ready to get out of your comfort zone, learn to love your discomfort zone first. If you want to discover your strength under water, admirable open water swimming events for the year 2015 are being organized by professionals who want to provide a platform to individuals to do something extraordinary. These open water swimming events are taking place all across the globe. Register as soon as possible and see a remarkable difference in yourself.

Luxury Yoga & Nature Retreats in France

If you are interested in going in for a yoga retreat, there is no better place for you than France. France has many yoga retreat centers for interested people. You can very easily find a luxury yoga holiday in France as there are plenty available. You will be able to choose from a great and a varied selection of holidays. Luxury retreats are of top most quality and have been appreciated by customers from all over the world. The main reason for this success is the high standards that have been followed in France. They have sincerely set the tone for the rest of the countries in a pre- defined manner.

Luxury retreats in France are one of the best present in the world at this moment of time. These retreats will give you an unforgettable holiday. There are many packages that come with these types of retreats and ones which you can make great use of. You will either be put up in a simple tent or a beautiful and historic France chateau. The scenic nature in France is an added advantage and an advantage that can add a lot of flavor to your yoga holiday.

France yoga meditation will help you to rediscover your inner self. The meditation that is practiced here is in context with the environment and this can help the people to enjoy their meditation. This is what makes France yoga meditation a very special and memorable one. France yoga meditation has made yoga holidays a brand new trend in the recent past. It is because of such a trend that people are always trying to get to France and gain a firsthand experience. You can revitalize and recharge with a full week of meditation, nourishing yoga, massage therapy, juicing, delicious food and also wild nature. This is obviously a once in a lifetime opportunity for you.

Yoga retreat France has gained a great reputation over a period of time because of the standard that has been maintained by its teachers. The teachers have always tried their best to get the most out of their students. In the process there will always be a time when the students learn a lot and grasp a lot because of the level of standard that is under process. Yoga retreat France is on top of the world as far as yoga is concerned because of this very same reason.

There are various plans available for interested people. There is a one month, two month and a six month plan also. All these plans can be adopted based on your level of interest and also your motive over a period of time.

Winstrol Stanozolol Is Bodybuilder’s Best Friend

Winstrol (Stanozolol) is a synthetic anabolic steroid, analog of human hormone testosterone. Winstrol (Stanozolol) is distributed in aqueous suspension or in tablet form. Firstly Winstrol (Stanozolol) was developed by Winthrop Laboratories. Generic name of Winstrol is Stanozolol and sometimes called as Winny. Winstrol can be taken as an oral pill or as an injection.

One unique characteristics of the injectable form of Winstrol (Stanozolol) is that it is being dissolved in water not like other steroids which are basicly dissolved in oil. This mean that a bodybuilder or user can inject Winstrol (Stanozolol) more frequent. It is possible to do injections of Winstrol (Stanozolol) every other day or even on a daily basis. The effective dosage for Winstrol is 50 mg a day for injection while up to 5 tablets for oral form.

Winstrol (Stanozolol) is very famous among bodybuilders because of its cutting effect and is favorite among competitive bodybuilders because it doesn’t aromatize into estrogens. Winstrol (Stanozolol) has no water retention and other hard side effects. It is also known in the bodybuilding circle as one of the most effective cutting agent. Since it contains low androgens, it is usually stacked with other steroids like Primabolan or Testosterone Propionate and Masteron.

Notable benefits of using Winstrol (Stanozolol) include increase in strength and leaner muscles. Most users said that the result is long term even after they stop taking winstrol. It is not only popular in bodybuilding but also on other sports such as professional athletes in track and field, boxing, and martial arts just to name a few. Many users are satisfied with its effects. This is a safe and very effective steroid as long as administered properly.

Let your Passion for Sports Combine Business and Pleasure!

You don’t have to hang up your soccer cleats or trade in your tennis racket when your school days are over. By choosing a career in a sports-related field you can stay in the game indefinitely.

People who love athletics can work in areas as diverse as medicine, management, marketing, manufacturing and many other sports-occupational areas. Prospects are increasing as more people play and watch sports. With the explosion of sports for women and girls, entire industries have sprung up, such as women’s clothing and equipment. In other careers–like sports journalism and sports administration and sports training–opportunities for women to participate in previously male-dominated have, if not leveled the playing field, at least greatly expanded it.

There are over six million jobs in sports-related careers, according to Donna Lopiano, executive director of the Women’s Sports Foundation. While many of these jobs take special education and training, entry-level positions exist for young men and women willing to work their way up.

Careers in sports take many forms. While many young athletes dream of making it to the professional ranks, the reality is that very few make it that far. In other sports-related careers the news is more encouraging. From educators to architects, facilities managers to fitness instructors, physical therapists to professional athletes, there are positions to fill.

Below is a sample of jobs with suggested education and/or training requirements for breaking into the field.

Sports Journalist
Sports journalists report on the news of the sports world to the public. A four-year degree in journalism and/or equivalent writing experience is recommended. Job opportunities exist in newspapers and magazines, radio, and television. Most beginning journalists begin as interns on college newspapers, radio, or television stations or as general reporters on small-town newspapers. Curiosity, writing, and interviewing skills and the ability to work within deadlines are characteristics of successful journalists.

College Coach
College and university coaches are responsible for getting athletic teams ready to play in competition. In smaller colleges they may coach several sports, while in larger institutions they are mainly responsible for just one team. Duties include recruiting players, developing game strategies, and teaching skills. Most college coaching positions require a minimum of four years of college. A typical career path might begin as an athlete, followed by becoming an assistant coach at the high school or college level.

Exercise Physiologist
An exercise physiologist studies how the stress of exercise affects the body. The most common areas in which exercise physiologists work are prevention–teaching healthy lifestyle habits–and rehabilitation–helping to restore function following an accident or debilitating illness. They may manage a wellness center, teach, or conduct research. Most jobs require a minimum of a master’s degree with an expertise in exercise physiology

Sports Agent
A sports agent acts as a professional athlete’s representative in negotiating contracts, salaries, endorsements, and other business arrangements. Education includes a four-year college degree in business or a related major, often followed by a law degree. Negotiating skills, sales ability, and ability to work under stressful conditions are all traits of the successful sports agent.

Sports Official
A sports official is the field-of-play arbitrator of rules at an athletic event. The ability to make instantaneous decisions, resolve conflicts, and deal with stress and pressure, as well as the fitness level to keep up with the game are keys to success in this field. Men and women are needed to officiate in every sport and at every level from youth to professional leagues. Most people start by studying the rules of the sport and attending clinics, followed by officiating at youth and recreational levels. From there, dedicated officials can advance into high school and college sports. Officiating at the professional level is like playing in the pros—only a very few of the finest, most ambitious make it.

The areas with the most opportunities during the next five years are estimated to be new business development, sports apparel, internet marketing, coaching and athletic administration, and officiating.

Tips to getting started in a sports career:
• Assess your skills and determine how to translate them into a career in sports.
• Set goals. Think about what interests you and what you have to offer. Career planning is a process.
• Seek the advice of guidance counselors and do career research to create an educational program to fit your needs.
• Follow the educational or training plan you’ve developed.
• Get experience. Internships, work-study, part-time and summer jobs, and volunteering can help you prepare for a career and allow employers to assess your talents.
• Enter the job market, looking for entry-level positions or jobs that match your experience and that can be paths to your career goal.
• Network. Join professional organizations, attend conferences, volunteer for leadership positions. Seek a mentor—someone who can assist you on your career path.

While it’s not enough just to love a particular sport or sports in general, your passion can help you chose a career that combines business and pleasure.

How Does Diabetes Affect An Athlete’s Sports Performance?


Most of us tend to think that athletes are mostly healthy and fit, but the reality is that there are a few popular athletes die of modern diseases such and heart disorder and brain tumor at relatively young age. Although we tend to think that they are too young to have diseases such as diabetes, but the fact is that most of them do not really know that they are having hidden symptoms of hyperglycemia (high blood glucose level), not until something goes wrong.

When athletes are in the training camp, their diet is strictly regulated by the nutritionist or coaches. The standard meals of athlete are fixed and boring. They are not allowed to eat something other than the well calculated diet fixed by the nutritionist. The problem with athlete diet is that, they are designed and thought to be good for the sport, but is that good for long term healthcare?

For example, some sport nutritionist like to suggest the athletes to consume more protein based diet with the reason that protein is good for muscle building or cell repair. Some athlete will misinterpret the message and think that eating like a carnivore will make them run like a tiger or leopard and some even thought that green vegetables or fruits are for losers because carnivores always run faster than the herbivores. This misconception cultivates a very imbalance diet habit among some athletes, some even to the extent of only eating meaty foods.

Human physiology is very different from those of the animals. Look at your teeth! Is your teeth structure more similar to carnivore or herbivore? Our digestive system is more similar to those of plant eating animals. Our body cannot digest protein as well as those carnivores.

The problem with too much of protein is that it will slowly turn your body become acidic which will eventually leads to modern disease such as gout, diabetes, hypertension, and even cancer. Let take diabetes as an example and how it affects an athlete sports performance.

Diabetes is a condition where the body cells cannot effectively make use of the glucose in the blood to produce energy or storage. This is due to the lack of insulin (Type I) or Insulin Resistance (Type II). In another words, the inability of the body to make good use of the glucose to turn it into energy will greatly reduce your body ability to perform continuous physical activity such as running.

If you force your body to run, the muscles will ‘rob’ the glucose and oxygen from other parts of the body and this will result in sudden faint or collapse when there is not enough ‘fuel’ to support the brain & heart operation.

You may not experience that kind of situation if you are a sprinter, but if you are marathon runner with diabetes, I strongly suggest you to stop that sport or at least standby some glucose syrups or sweet when you are running.

But the long term solution is still to find out how to clear the root of the problem. First of all, you must find out which Type of Diabetes you are having. If it is Type 1 Diabetes, I’m sorry to tell you there is no permanent cure to it. But if it is Type 2 Diabetes, there is way to reverse the Insulin Resistance.

Conventional medical approach will never find the cure for Diabetes because they are not dealing with The Root Cause of Type 2 Diabetes.

How To Decide Quickly What To Do And Always Make The Right Decision

How to decide quickly what to do and always make the right decision.

By Dennis Fisher

Many people have problems making quick decisions.  They hesitate and procrastinate even when the decision is unimportant.

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This delay in making a  quick decision every time they are faced with a variety of different  choices becomes so fixed in their behavior it comes part of their personality.  Procrastination inhibits mental growth. It restricts creative thinking.

If you are have developed the habit of being indecisive when you have to make a decision, do whatever you can to change your behavior pattern.  There are going to be occasions when you have to deal with problems that will need  an immediate decision.

Once you’re able to make up your mind quickly and make immediate decisions for unimportant matters, you’ll find it will become very much easier to make quick decisions about matters of greater significance.

How to change your habit of procrastinating and dithering every time you have to make a decision

There is an easy way to do this.  Start to make use of a special intuitive quality most people possess, but few ever take full advantage of – your “gut feeling”

There is a simple technique that will make it easy for you to use your “gut feeling”. Use this technique every time you have to make a decision.You’ll find you’ll be able to make up your mind quickly and make instant decisions.  What’s more, these decisions will turn out to be the wisest decisions you could have made.

What exactly is a “Gut Feeling”?

If you look the word up in  any dictionary, you’ll find most dictionaries define “gut feeling” in very much the same way.  It is described as a feeling or reaction based on instinct rather than rational thinking.  In many respects it is similar to a sixth sense, when one responds intuitively to situations.

The idea that certain parts of the body are closely associated with emotions goes back to biblical times.  There are many references to this in the bible.

In the same way as the word “heart” is often used in the bible to signify feelings of deep affection and love, there are seventeen references in the bible to the “bowels” – the gut –  to indicate a variety of different emotions.

For example in the book of Lamentations, 1.20,  Jeremiah cries out “Oh Lord, my bowels are troubled…”..  In the song of Solomon, you will find the expression “My bowels were moved for him…”.   In Genesis 43.30  the word bowels  is used to represent  deep sorry and pity when it refers to Joseph and says: “his bowels did yearn upon his brother”.

In modern times this notion that the gut is closely associated with strong emotions is still widely held. The commonly used phrase, “I felt it in the pit of my stomach” is used to signify a number of different emotions, such as fear, dread, anger, resentment, deep concern, apprehension and anxiety.

Strange as it may seem, the answer to this question can be found by making a careful note of the odd behavior of many  prominent sport personalities.

If you are an observant person, keenly interested in sports of any description – golf, tennis, soccer, rugby, cricket, athletics, baseball – or any other  sport,  you will have noticed how many successful athletes perform very odd and unusual rituals before they compete in their event.

These sport stars make use of these strange habits because they firmly believe it works for them – and it does.   They find that when they use these odd rituals they  are successful.

Is there a lesson to be learnt from the odd behavior of these sport personalities?

There certainly is.

Carry out the following simple act whenever you have to make a decision. It  can  be done casually and unobtrusively if you don’t want anyone to notice what you are doing.

Every time you have to make a decision, start to rub the pit of your stomach very gently with a circular movement of your hand.   Continue doing this for a short while, just nine seconds.  Concentrate on what you are doing.  Focus your mind completely on the words:  “Gut feeling” as you rub the pit of your stomach.

Count up to nine as you gently rub the pit of your stomach.  Count mentally if your prefer to be discreet or you don’t want to be noticed;  or count out aloud  if you wish. Breathe in and out deeply as youj count.   Focus your mind on the various decision choices you can make.

After you have practiced doing this on a number of occasions, so that it becomes almost second nature, you’ll  start to experience a strange, almost uncanny sense of calm.  Your mind will become absolutely clear.  Then, all of a sudden, as if by magic, the correct decision to make will suddenly spring to mind.

Practice doing this every time you have to make even the most unimportant, minor decisions.

After you have practiced this simple action for some time with unimportant, minor decisions, you’ll find you are able to make quick accurate and reliable  decisions even  with important decisions.

It’s difficult to explain  why  this simple action you have performed is so successful and why it always  helps you to make an instant, correct decision so quickly.  Perhaps the reason is because you have awakened some long dormant sixth sense you’ve never bother to use before. It’s possible that it may trigger off a certain reaction in your brain that speeds up your thought processes.

The reason why this simple action works so well is  not important.  What is important is the fact that it definitely does work.

Experiment.  Try doing it yourself when next you have to make a decision and are not sure what to do.  The result will amaze you.

Simple Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips

Simply put, the swimming pool is a relaxing place and it should be as clean and inviting as possible. After enjoying the cool waters, you need to remember to care for the pool if at all, your next swim is going to be as pleasant. The pool should remain clean and refreshed to make every day usage possible and fulfilling for that matter. It is also a way of keeping costs on issues that would have been prevented through simple routine maintenance. Here are some of the things you can do to ensure that your swimming pool remains clean and enjoyable.

1. Check your pool chemistry once a well during winter and at least twice every week during summer months. The chemical levels need to remain balanced otherwise the water could end up irritating the eyes and the skin and can also be a breeding ground for bacteria. Using a simple kit, you can test your water and adjust the levels whenever necessary. Murky water means there is a chemical imbalance and you will therefore know that there is balance when the water is has no scent and is crystal clear with very little residue on the skin.

2. Make skimming and scrubbing a habit. This helps get debris and leaves that are common on the water surface. Skimming might need to be a daily routine for pristine waters and depending on your surroundings. For the floor and walls you can do the regular scrubbing to keep algae growths at bay. You can also enjoy pool tile cleaning services from pool maintenance companies to save you the struggle or get a robot vacuum to clean the bottom part of the pool.

3. Clean out the skimmer basket weekly or as required depending on the existing conditions. The pump pot should also be checked for lint and hair to keep unnecessary buildup and blockage at bay.

4. Keep an eye on the water levels and adjust the levels when it is necessary to do so. Ideally the water should at the center of the skimmer or tile.

5. Clean the filters, especially after heavy storms or every few months. Dirty filters can be soaked on a muriatic acid solution or TSO solution and rinsed before leaving them to dry. Remember that acid should be added to water and not the other way round and you should also wear eye protection and gloves to keep safe during the filter cleaning process.

6. Wipe the tile line on a weekly basis to keep buildup controlled. When you hire pool tile cleaning services, you can be sure to have a clean pool all through and the experts can also advise you on the easiest way of cleaning the tiles.

7. Have cracks on the pool perimeter repaired as soon as you notice them, especially between the tile and the deck. This can be damaging when water starts migrating to the joint. You can use a bead of silicon to take care of the issue until your pool maintenance experts arrive for further repairs.

Pool tile cleaning is among the maintenance services you can enjoy from a pool company. It is amongst the simple things that greatly aid and maintain the value of your pool.

Know why adult beginner swimming classes are gaining popularity

 So what if you have not learnt swimming in your childhood? Learning has no fixed age. You can learn at any time of your life. It is correctly said “Better late than never”. If these words sound encouraging to you for learning how to swim, read on the article to know more.

Water is fascinating but it can be very dangerous too. Hence, we should always know how to come out of danger if it strikes. Knowing how to swim not only can save our own lives, but also help in saving others who do not know how to swim. Apart from this, swimming itself is a very useful exercise and helps immensely to stay fit. If we swim regularly, we can easily shed all extra fat and have a figure we desire for.

There are several schools which provide private swim lessons Orlando. Among the several schools, we have to choose a genuine swimming school. A good swimming school should teach the correct techniques, have experienced teachers, have clean and well equipped premises and also the instructors should be friendly and willing to help.

Adult beginner swim lessons in Orlando is gaining popularity with every passing day. If you are feeling shy to enroll yourself in swimming classes, just go to the adult swimming classes and see for yourself the huge number of adult swim enthusiasts.

Once we join a swimming class, we should have the correct swimming gear as it helps in swimming better. A swimming gear has swimming costume, swimming goggles, swim cap, and arm bands or floats to aid them when swimming. We have to ensure that the swim goggles and cap are neither too tight nor too loose and it should be comfortable. While we get ready for swimming lessons, we should not forget to apply a good coat of sunscreen with minimum SPF 30.  This will help in protecting us from the harmful ultra violet rays of the sun and also chlorine in the swimming pool water.

A good swimming school gives progress certificates. This certificate is a record of progress of the learner and new instructors will be able to see the ability level and ensure that we are in the right group. The progress certificates also boost up our confidence level, infusing new levels of enthusiasm in us.  There are refresher swimming courses too.

Swimming is a rewarding hobby. Once we learn how to swim, we can know how much refreshing swimming can be. We can distress ourselves and at the same time keep ourselves fit and healthy. If we are planning for a vacation which includes scuba diving experiences, learning swimming will be extra helpful. There are introductory scuba-swimming lessons too in several swimming lessons.

Teenagers can go for swimming classes if they want to increase their height. Swimming is known to aid in increasing height. From all of the swimming styles, perhaps breaststroke is considered as the best style to stretch the body.

Adults need to know how to swim for so many different reasons, so find the best way for learning how now to be sure water is never a threat again. So, choose the best swim instructor in downtown and discover how beneficial swimming can be.

The Pros and Cons of Kids Playing Sports

It’s no big secret that exercise should be a top priority for children of all ages, especially given the fact that childhood obesity is on the rise. Yet many parents today are reluctant to enroll their children in organized sports because of the fierce competition.

In many cases, parents are likely to take sports competition even more seriously than their kids do. One recent parent brawl at a Little League game was caught on tape in Columbus, Ohio.

The fight started when one parent asked another parent to turn down the loud music they were playing to celebrate a win. Moments later, words were exchanged, fists were flying, and a full-on brawl had ensued. Police were called to the scene to arrest parents that had set a terrible example for their children.

The Pros of Children’s Sports Teams

Beyond peer competition and brutal fights between parents, organized children’s sports provide a long list of benefits that include:

• Regular exercise. Kids on a sports team, like an Austin soccer team, will be able to run, jump, and play with friends. Exercising in a group environment will teach kids to appreciate physical activity at a young age, likely reinforcing the habit for life. Keeping a child active is one key to preventing a sedentary lifestyle that could lead to serious health conditions like type II diabetes, stemming from childhood obesity.

• Learn sportsmanship. When children play an organized sport, they’ll learn to work together as a team to better understand respect and sportsmanship. Even though a soccer team may win a game, kids will be taught to congratulate the losing team and vice versa when the tables are turned.

• Relieve stress. Children that have difficulty coping with day-to-day stress at school or at home can use group sports for much-needed stress relief. Even more importantly, children with a bad home environment can use team sports as an outlet instead of turning to drugs or crime as a result of peer pressure.

The Cons of Children’s Sports Teams

For a fair comparison, it’s important to explore the potential disadvantages of enrolling your child in organized sports, like:

• Too much competition. A young child may not be able to handle the pressure of playing on a highly competitive team, especially if their parents are pushing them into it. If a coach is more focused on winning than on the love of the game, a child may be more susceptible to performance pressure that could stick with them throughout their future career.

• Strain or injury. A child may be too timid to ask for a break if they feel overexerted. Children are also more prone to dehydration and heat stroke caused by exposure to hot weather during a long game. Kid should be encouraged to take breaks regularly and drink water and sports drinks to stay balanced and hydrated in both practices and games.

If you’re on the fence about enrolling your child in organized sports, it’s clear that the good outweighs the bad. When approached with a healthy attitude, a sports team will give your child the opportunity to exercise, spend time with friends, and learn respect for others.

Things You Should Consider Before Signing Up Swimming Lessons for Your Kids

Today many parents consider signing up their kids for swimming lessons, in order to let them explore further their personalities and get some exercise. If you are one of these who are still thinking about it, by reading the following, you’ll have a pretty good idea how to choose the most effective course for your son or for your daughter and will sign up your kid for swimming lessons.

The first thing you have to consider is the location of the swimming school that offers Kids Swimming Courses. It’s better to find a swimming pool near your neighborhood, which will be easier for you and your child. This will give you also the opportunity to explore the facilities of the area, as well as the instructors that will teach and guide your child. Moreover, the lessons usually are taking place once or twice a week, depending on your kid’s timetable.

Another important factor is that the swimming school has to have good amenities, which can be easily accessible. That’s mainly because if your child is still at a very young age, his/her adventures have to be restricted in small swimming pools – at least in the very first year. However, after your child will get used the water, he/she will have to progress to deeper waters. Keep in mind that the best swimming schools usually have different sizes and depths, in order to fit toddlers, kids, as well as adults.

In addition, when you choose experts who are Swimming Coaches Singapore for your child, you have to check also to see if the school has qualified instructors. You have to know that in orders your child to learn how to swim effectively, it’s critical to have a professional swimming instructor. So, you’ll be certain that your child will learn properly how to swim. Keep in mind also that the instructor will be responsible for your child during the lessons and he is going to train and guide your child through the whole process. You may even consider being present during the lessons, if you think that’s good for your child, in order to support him/her.

Later on your child will move to a deeper swimming pool and finally you’ll have to consider another school altogether. Then, you have to take into consideration two main things. The first is when training aims to teach your child to swim competitively. The other is designed to learn child main strokes, in order to make swimming a skillful and effective activity for the body of your child.

After all learning to swim effectively is very important and learning it since childhood will save lots of time and also frustration than trying to learn it later as an adult. If you stick to these ways in order to get your kids into swimming lessons, then you’ll give them the opportunity to produce individual self confidence, fine tune their fitness capability and learn to socialize with new buddies through the help of Swimming Instructors Singapore.

Why go to the gym when you can have a gym at home?


Busy schedules, long work hours, and irregular sleep schedules have a big impact on the lives of individuals. Increasing pressure from various sources leads to stress and strain, high cholesterol levels, and high blood pressure. It can have an adverse effect on our physical well-being. Some amount of exercise and physical activity must be a part of our lives if our physical and mental well-being is important to us.

Stay healthy from the start

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As we grow up, it becomes difficult to incorporate physical activity into our lives. We find ourselves juggling a host of different things, which only increases stress levels. That is why a health mind-set should be cultivated in children from a young age. For adults, however, it is still possible to fit in regular physical activity into your routines as fitness equipment stores in India offer customers the option of buying equipment which can then be installed in their own homes. Whether you are creating a home gym or purchasing just a few simple pieces of equipment, buying online fitness equipment in India is easier alternative to going to the gym. Getting a gym member ship that you hardly use is an expensive prospect, and motivating yourself to go to the gym is a tiresome task that most people find themselves facing. But purchasing equipment is a good long-term investment that means you can exercise from the comfort of your own home. It also shows that you committed to improving your sedentary lifestyle.

A wide range of gym equipment

Most fitness equipment stores in India let you buy exercise equipment online. They also offer complete installation of their products. Apart from home gym equipment, buying online fitness equipment in India makes available a wide range of fitness products that can be used for health clubs and professional gyms. All the equipment is compact and is specially designed to be stored away after a workout for the user’s convenience. The safety and comfort of the customers is always a priority. Fitness stores and online sites help their customers choose the right gym equipment to meet their health and exercise requirements. Planning the budget and the layout of the gym is an intensive process, and these services are also offered.

Customers get total satisfaction from the high quality of equipment. Apart from the main fitness equipment, fitness accessories are also an important aspect of improving your level of fitness. Accessories like gym gloves, ankle supports, wrist weights, and exercise mats supplement the entire exercise regime. This level of customisable services and equipment shows the dedication of these companies in helping people improve their lifestyles.

Water Sports in Himachal- Rush through the Gush

The country of India is home to some of the most beautiful places on earth. Amongst the spellbinding places of beauty in the country Himachal Pradesh is one. The state of Himachal is located in the northern part of the country and is surrounded by equally beautiful destinations like Kashmir, Haryana, Punjab, Uttrakhand and Tibet. The name Himachal literally translates to “in the lap of the Himalayas” and is a name well suited to this place. At first glance this state looks to be very quiet and uneventful but beneath this layer of tranquillity lays the adrenaline pumping activities to indulge in.

The state of Himachal has been known for its scenic beauty since age old times and people came here to relax and feel the quietness of nature. However in the recent years another reason to visit this exquisite state of beauty has come up and this one is totally opposite of what it was before. In these recent years the Himachal tourism board launched the water sports programme which became an instant crowd puller. There are many swift flowing rivers like Beas, Sutlej, Chenab, Ravi and Yamuna. These fast flowing rivers are where all the water related action takes place.

White water rafting- this is one of the most sought after water sport in the state. This particular sport is guaranteed to give you the ultimate thrill of your life. The swift rapids are hard to tame and requires a lot of effort not to capsize. Feel the icy cold water breaking on your face, the swiftness of the rapid giving you an adrenaline rush and all your strength being needed to steer the raft as you flow downstream. This particular sport will definitely put your mettle to the test. Once the activity is completed you will have emerged as a new person, a person who has won the challenge against the mighty river. This is a sport that makes men out of boys and women out of girls. Some of the best known white water rafting spots can be found in the river Beas near Kullu, the river Sutlej nearby Shimla and in Lahaul.

Water Skiing- this sport is the perfect one for those who love speed and like to flaunt their talent. In this sport the rider wearing skis is tugged behind a speed boat at great speed. If one is experienced enough he/she can do a number of tricks on the ski. This is a sport that requires style and flamboyance to enjoy to the fullest. One can find this particular water sport at the Ponga Dam reservoir. If one isn’t confident about the water sport he/she wants to indulge in then he/she can take training classes at the reservoir. Activities in himachal pradesh:

Kayaking- this is another water sport that is famous in this state. The best thing about kayaking is that it relaxes as well as thrills you according to the environment you put it in. One can relax in the kayak when it is on a lake or a dam but when it is put on a rapid it becomes the ultimate thrill machine.

Boating and fishing- for those who are looking to spend a much calmer and slower holiday this is the best sport to indulge in. Laze away on a boat with your fishing rod while taking in the beautiful scenery. This activity is best done at the Pong Dam reservoir and Govind Sagar reservoir.

Apart from these canoe rowing, ferry rides and sailing are also available here in Himachal. So next time you come for a holiday here do bring on your wetsuits and enjoy a watery holiday here.

Bodybuilder Diet 2

Bodybuilder Diet – We’ve all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And in terms of boosting your metabolism, this is indeed the case! There are a couple of reasons why eating a hearty and healthy breakfast can boost metabolism and lead to weight loss goals. The first reason is that people who eat breakfast are much less inclined to snack throughout the morning. For example, if you had a good breakfast of fruit and low-sugar cereal in the morning, your chances of visiting the vending machine at work around 10:30am diminish significantly.

Bodybuilder Diet

Of course, as you recall from our previous discussion on eating more frequently, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t eat something between breakfast and lunch. It simply means that, since you won’t be extremely hungry at 10:30am (because you skipped breakfast), you’ll be less inclined to eat anything that you get your hands on; such as a nice donut that your co-worker was kind enough to offer you. In other words, by starting your day in a nutritious way, you’ll have more control over what you eat throughout the day. The second reason is more aligned with metabolism-boosting. Studies have shown that metabolism slows during sleep, and doesn’t typically get going again until you eat. Therefore, starting the day with breakfast is like kick starting your metabolism. You’ll actually burn more calories throughout the day, simply by eating breakfast (hey, who knew?!).Remember: as you eat your breakfast, control both the portion and the contents. You don’t want to eat to the point of complete fullness; because, remember, you want to eat throughout the day and you won’t be able to do that if you’re stuffed. At the same time, beware of high-fat breakfasts. Studies have shown that high-fat breakfasts, such as those that include bacon and sausage, not only deliver lots of calories (there are 9 calories for every gram of fat, as compared to 4 for every gram of carbohydrates and proteins, respectively).But they also can make you very hungry again, very soon! So in addition to having ingested a lot of fat (and hence a lot of calories), you’ll typically find yourself rather ravenous again in a few hours. Alternatively, breakfasts that are high in fiber take longer to digest, and thus, the body won’t be hungry again for a while. This is something to bear in mind; and it may explain why many people who eat breakfast find themselves painfully hungry by lunchtime; it’s not their “overactive metabolism” at work; it’s the high fat content, which has been swiftly digested.

Gym Management Software To Run Your Gym Don’t Let It Run You

Will you imagine running an activity focus today without IT support? When IT game plans are available further reinforcing your favorable luck, why not use them. On the off chance that you don’t utilize Gym management software for exercise center administration, you will wind up keeping committed staff for keeping participation subtle elements, bookings, purpose of offer, taking care of records, following individuals, and so on. The time and the bothers included will just make inconvenience and wastage of cash. Seeing your exercise center business develop and getting the best returns the sorted out path happens with a rec center administration framework. This product is easy to utilize and reasonable.

Meet the IT arrangements supplier known not kept up a reputation of conveying the best. When you share your inclinations, they will make an IT arrangement that works for you. Independent of whether you run a little or huge exercise center, wellness focus, or wellbeing club, you can deal with your middle adequately. Only a tick and you ought to have the capacity to view complete records of a specific part immediately. It can be contact points of interest, data about age, area, occupation, birthday, and so forth.

Imagine entering records of another part onto your organization structure while the concerned individual is at the work region and arranged to pay. Right from entering contact purposes of interest, portion inconspicuous components, consigning support to issuing a card, thus on everything happens rapidly! Saving time on interest records, you can utilize the extra time on other accommodating purposes.

What are the conceivable advantages of utilizing Gym management software for exercise center administration? Here are few of these:

  • Your activity focus organization system will save you association time
  • It is anything but difficult to utilize; a tick gives you a chance to get to what you need
  • It is very solid
  • It decreases overheads, i.e. you utilize less staff
  • Communication with exercise center individuals gets improved
  • No bothers confronted identified with accounts and charges.

Prescient examination should likewise be possible by a percentage of the propelled exercise center administration programming. Future business sector examination should be possible by the chiefs on the premise of the gauge created by the product. On the premise of this client conduct estimation and additionally figure era should be possible by the gym directors. This investigation is finished by the product on the premise of the verifiable information of the clients in the prior years.

How to Set up a Budget-Friendly Gym at Home?

Needless to say, health is wealth and everyone must put all-out efforts to pamper his or health under all conditions. If you are really an ardent fitness freak and want to actualize your dreams of having a robust, stout, attractive, appealing and disease-free body, then you must have your own customized gym at home.

In the following quick tips, you will have a complete overview about how you can be able to set a fully customized gym at home:

  • Each and every person has different exercising needs, and therefore, you must be very particular about what type of exercises you need to do to serve your purpose.
  • This way, you will be able to identify your exact needs and think of setting a gym in a fully customized manner.
  • So many times, it is observed that people join a gym just for 1 or 2 specific exercises, but pay a heavy amount to the gym owner for the same. The same is applicable on a home gym. If you identify your exact needs, you will be investing only on those fitness equipments which you exactly need to fulfill your aim.
  • After deciding on the fitness equipments, just think of the space to place those equipments. The need for space will entirely depend upon what type of equipments you are going to install.
  • Choose a space that has proper cross ventilations and sunlight. In the absence of both these conditions, your exercise sessions will prove to be very much tiresome ones and you will not feel rejuvenated at all after the session.
  • Setting up a gym does not mean that you need to be a fitness guru. What it takes the knowledge of how the machines work and how much space they will occupy.
  • Getting advised just by a local fitness trainer may serve your purpose very efficiently.
  • When it comes to grabbing the best gym design ideas, there are fitness equipment sellers who can guide you about it in entirety regardless of the volume of equipments you are buying from them.

On the whole, setting up a budget-friendly gym is not just a distant dream for you if you are just a little bit aware and interested in achieving your goal. There are various reputed gym equipment and accessories sellers who can provide you with a complete range of stuff both offline and offline, at an incredible price. What it takes is a comprehensive research on the internet and you will see a huge rundown of the sellers. Look into their website very minutely and compare the rate across sellers. If you are not convinced through online mode, you can pay a personal visit to the store which you think is providing the best of rates.